Australian Surfer Dies In Shark Attack

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: MediaNews Group/The Mercury News via Getty Images / Contributor/ Getty Images)

A 60-year-old man dies after a shark attacks him while surfing on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Paramedics responded to a shark attack on a man at Greenmount Beach on Australia’s Gold Coast, but unfortunately, were unsuccessful at saving him. The man suffered from a significant injury to his leg.

Jade Parker was on the beach when the man was spotted floating in the water.

“I spotted a board floating in the lineup, and a body was next to it,” said Parker. “I presumed he might have got knocked out because he wasn’t moving in the water.”

Four bystanders, including Parker, quickly went into the waist-deep water to rescue the man.

“They were all just trying to drag him in with the board he had as well,” said Parker. “There was a lifeguard four-drive there already as well, and they had a stretcher. We put him on the stretcher, but he was pretty much already gone by then.”

Parker also recalls that once ashore, there wasn’t much blood from the victim’s wound.

“Basically, from the groin to his knee was just, there was nothing there. It was just hanging there, but not much.”

Parker goes on to say that the reason behind the attack was probably due to a large school of fish in the area.

“I could see a school of fish out in that area where he was. There was probably 30ish birds diving in the area, so there must have been a bit of activity underwater, and that was probably what the shark was coming for as well.”

Rare Attack on Shark Protected Beach

This is the first attack to happen along the Gold Coast since 2012, when a 20-year-old surfer got attacked at Nobbys Beach. The injuries were non-fatal.

The beach where the 60-year-old man died, near its New South Wales border, is protected by shark control equipment. This equipment included nets to keep out the predator, as well as bait hooks on buoys.

The beaches north and south of Greenmount Beach have been cleared and will remain closed until further notice.

A police helicopter is searching the beach for the great white shark that was said to be close to nine feet long.

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