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Baby Black Bears Rescued in North Carolina by Zoo

by Megan Molseed
Getty Images

The North Carolina Zoo has added an adorable and tiny brother-sister duo to its facilities. The popular zoo has taken in two darling black bear cubs recently. And the cuteness is beginning to hit an overload over there!

The tiny black bear brother and sister duo were rescued recently from the mountains of North Carolina. Experts estimate the rescued cubs to be only about six or seven weeks old. And, zoo officials note, the bears will likely be residing at the zoo for several months. However, these furry babies won’t become part of the North Carolina Zoo’s regular list of residents. Instead, officials will be nursing the infant bear cubs in their rehab center, eventually releasing the duo back into the wild.

Rescuers Nurse Baby Black Bears Back to Health At the North Carolina Zoo’s Wildlife Rehab Center

In a recent Facebook post, the North Carolina Zoo officials introduced the adorable baby bears to the public. In the post, the zoo officials share several pictures of the bear-cub siblings. The darling photos show the brother and sister cubs as they snuggle together and with rehab specialists while they are being fed. And, with well over one-thousand likes, it’s clear the public can’t get enough of the adorable post!

“We currently have two black bear cubs in the North Carolina Zoo VHS Wildlife Rehab Center!” North Carolina Zoo officials exclaim in the recent Facebook post.

“The brother and sister pair were brought in from the mountains of North Carolina,” the zoo officials continue in the Facebook message. “The cubs will stay at the rehab center for several months until they are old enough to be released back into the wild.”

North Carolina Zoo Officials Aim To Teach Bear Cub Siblings Skills For Living In the Wild

The experts are unsure as to what happened to leave the young cubs orphaned. However, they believe the mother likely died or the cubs were separated from mom during some kind of a logging operation.

Because the cubs are so young, North Carolina Zoo officials say the number one goal with the furry siblings is to make sure they learn adequate skills for surviving in the wild. Overall, however, the cubs are very healthy. And, officials note, they expect the duo to be ready to leave the rehab center by fall.

Black Bear Cubs Typically Remain With The Momma Bears For At Least Two Winters

North Carolina black bears primarily reside within the eastern and western regions of the Tar Heel state. Black bear cubs weigh around one pound at birth. Young cubs usually don’t leave their mothers until they get through their first two winters, notes the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. As adults, female black bears can grow to weigh about 300 pounds; while male black bears grow to weigh an average of 700 pounds.