Baby Deer ‘Cheer’ After Being Saved From Backyard Pool

by Outsider

Footage of two baby deer rescued from a swimming pool in Parma, Ohio has gone viral.

The video shows police officers pulling two fawns out of a backyard in-ground swimming pool. The deer had fallen into the pool and become trapped for more than an hour on Sunday.

Police received a call after the homeowner was unable to get the deer out of the pool on her own. Officers shared body camera footage on Facebook of how they negotiated the deer, using nets to pull them out of the water. Finally, the deer ran off after police safely returned them to dry land.

“The deer were tired, but happy, as you can hear them let out a ‘cheer’ of appreciation,” police wrote.

Baby deer in Ohio: An issue of populace

White-tailed deer are a commonality in Ohio, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. They are often found in wildlife areas, nature preserves, and nearby suburban areas.

Fawns are usually born between the months of May and July. This is after a mating period that starts in mid-October, according to state wildlife experts. Eventually, the fawns will leave their mother after about 10-12 weeks in age to venture out on their own.

Adult deer can actually swim. In fact, there have been cases where they can be strong enough to move against a strong river current or in the ocean near the coast. However, the baby deer that found themselves trapped in the pool Sunday would be only a few months old.

There are ways to deter wildlife from getting into a pool, FoxNews reports.  Poolman, a swimming pool service company, recommends precautions like a fence or automatic sprinkler to keep animals away.

Utah State University suggests using a homemade repellent to keep wildlife away. The recipe calls for onion, jalapeno and cayenne pepper mixed in water and sprayed in areas near the pool.

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