Bald Eagles Tangle Themselves Together in Fight, Force Authorities to Step In

by Madison Miller

A couple of bald eagles needed some human help in the middle of a tussle for territory.

These two eagles were spotted in Minnesota tangled together on a roadway. The Plymouth Police Department reported to the incident on November 2 in order to help assist the animals in getting separated.

Tangled Together Eagles in Minnesota

Not only were the eagles interlocked, but it was in a strange symmetrical-type way.

The police department shared an image of the eagles on their Twitter account. They captioned it, “For Plymouth police officers, there’s no telling what call could come in next. Saturday, police responded to a report of two bald eagles stuck together on a Plymouth roadway. With a little assistance, the eagles were able to untangle themselves and flew away.”

The entire incident was something the responding officers never had to deal with in the past.

Luckily, the police really only needed to give the eagles a little nudge of assistance before they were able to successfully fly away all on their own.

Although somewhat of a strange situation, it isn’t entirely uncommon.“There are two times of year when we know this to occur. Early spring as pairs are reestablishing territories in preparation for breeding, and in the fall when some pairs reclaim a nest (if they stay on territory during the winter) and start adding sticks to reinforce its structure,” Victoria Hall, the executive director of the Univerity of Minnesota’s Raptor Center, said to KARE.

The bald eagles are on their way to migrate to the south as cold weather approaches the area. A large number of the animals are a common sighting in November in Minnesota.

Florida Considers Changing State Bird

While Minnesotans are used to spotting eagles flying overhead, Florida natives are looking to possibly change the state bird to something very reminiscent of the state.

Right now the state bird for Florida is the mockingbird. The infamous gorgeous singing bird has been the face of Florida since 1927. There are also four other states that call the mockingbird the state bird. At the time, Florida was far less populated and much more agricultural.

According to NPR, there are a number of different types of birds in the running. This includes the Florida scrub-jay, flamingo, osprey, and roseate spoonbill, all of which are very common in the state.

Others, however, are adamant that the mockingbird still deserves all the Florida love.