Bass Pro Shops Has Another Fish Tank Swimmer, Man Cannonballed Into The Water

by Katie Maloney

What do you do when there’s no live music and bars are closed? You dive into a giant Bass Pro Shop fish tank, obviously.

And this isn’t even the craziest thing that’s happened this year. Louisiana man, Kevin Wise, cannonballed his way into the tank before running out of the store. Before we continue, we have one question – how was his cannonball form? Although Kevin managed to escape the store before being caught, security cameras revealed his identity. Police found and arrested the 26-year-old and charged him with simple criminal damage to property.

If anyone was worried, Kevin did stick to Bass Pro Shop COVID-19 safety protocols. Although we can’t say that he remained 6-feet apart from all fish in the tank, we do know that we wore his mask throughout the entire incident.

Lucky for us, a bystander captured the incident on camera. As Kevin attempts to pull himself out of the tank, the woman filming the video says “Oh, he’s getting out. I thought he was drowning.” But the funniest part of the video is hearing Kevin’s shoes squeak as he runs out of the store.

Bass Pro Shop has another fish tank diver.

Bass Pro Shop Diver Created A GoFundMe Page To Pay His Fines

As if Kevin hasn’t created enough fodder for comedy, he recently set up a GoFundMe to help pay for his fines. The page is titled “Bass Pro Swim Save Baby Bubba.” On the page he wrote, “So baby Bubba did something that we all know was hilarious. Well now Bass Pro Shop of Bossier City Louisiana is going against their word and they are pressing charges…Well, anyway, he needs 1,500.00 to get out of trouble. Help a brother out. ”

So far, he’s reached $270 of his $1,500 goal.

But this isn’t even the first time Bass Pro Shop has dealt with a fish tank diver. In fact, civilian swims are a lot more common than you’d suspect. In May 2020 a man in Florida jumped into the tank. The man caused $3,000 in damages as the store had to decontaminate the tank. In 2017, a teenager jumped into a Bass Pro tank in Denver and, according to a store employee, “cracked his skull on the rocks.”