Beachgoers Left in Total Shock as Woman Walks Giraffe Down Santa Monica Beach

by Kati Michelle

Ah, Santa Monica pier. For those geographically challenged, the pier is located at the foot of Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica, California right here in the US. The popular spot is home to a small amusement park, concession stand classics like hot dogs on a stick, and even fishing. It’s also somewhat of an Instagram haven with stunning views of the water and ferris wheel. Santa Monica draws in hoards of crowds from all over the world, meaning the opportunities for people watching are really endless.

Maybe you’ll catch the seals nestled among the buoys or the skateboarders showing off their kickflips and ollies. There are also the giraffe handlers and all the delectable food truck options. Wait, backtrack. Giraffes!? You heard that right. Beachgoers were left in total shock as a woman walked a giraffe down Santa Monica Beach the other day. Here’s the story behind it.

Beaches, Handlers, and Giraffes Oh My!

The knobby knees, the orangey chestnut pattern, the unmistakable fact that it’s the tallest living terrestrial animal on the planet– it’s not easy hiding a giraffe. Then again, the three handlers photographed with the majestic creature stayed calm, cool, and collected throughout their beach stroll together. There are still so many questions to be answered, though. What was a giraffe doing on a public beach on Labor Day? Does it have a name?

Turns out there’s not much mystery at all. An exclusive beach club, The Jonathan Club, planned the whole thing as part of their Labor Day festivities. The swanky club has been in service since 1895. Between the strict dress code, fine dining, wellness facilities, spa services, social events, and award shows, The Jonathan Club seems like the place to be. Not only did they invite the giraffe “Jax” to the party, but they also had a paratrooper make quite the patriotic grand entrance. Still, partygoers were fixated on the giraffe. Many were able to snap some selfies with Jax while he relaxed in a large enclosure on site.

Although there were a few animal welfare concerns, the majority of Twitter users couldn’t get enough of Jax either.

@homeydclown5896 wrote: “I’ve heard of walking your dog, but not your giraffe.”

Others joked that “Geoffrey” looks a little rough since Toys “R” Us filed for bankruptcy back in 2017.

Check out beachgoer snaps of the novelty event here:

Santa Monica Pier Sets

You could say that Santa Monica Pier has witnessed some unusual sights over the years. What you might not know is that the spot is also a regularly sought-after set for film crews from some of your favorite movies. Here’s a quick look at some of them.

According to IMDb, parts of Forrest Gump were actually shot here. Additionally, a few scenes from Iron Man, Hancock, Jersey Boys, and Her all call Santa Monica Pier their home. We don’t remember any giraffes, though…