Bear Attack: Couple Claims Bear Stalked Them for 10 Days, Forced to Stay in Trees

by Amy Myers

Most times when you encounter an aggressive or territorial bear, you want to avoid hunkering down in a tree. After all, bears are much more skilled climbers than people. However, for this couple, climbing a tree actually saved them from a bear attack.

While on their way to a hot spring in Russia, Anton and Nina Bogdanov’s car got stuck in a deep puddle. At the time, they were in a secluded part of the Kamchatka region with no cell service, just a few miles from their destination. Since the hot spring was relatively close, the bear attack survivors decided to walk the final distance so that they could call for help.

But as they continued walking down the road, Anton noticed they had an unwanted visitor.

“The bear was walking behind us, and we did not notice him straight away, he was absolutely silent,” Nina told The Sun.

At first, the couple scared off the bear enough for it to retreat, but then it began running towards them. The bear attack survivors ran down the hill and climbed a tree beside the river. Although, Anton just barely made it.

“I threw my water bottle at the animal to distract him, and Anton managed to climb the tree,” his wife reported.

Bear Attack Continues As Couple Dashes to River

While the couple might have thought that the bear would eventually give up on the attack, the animal only persisted. Hours later, the bear tried climbing the tree, but the couple was able to ward it off again by throwing their bag full of food.

Now, we know what you’re going to say. For us Outsiders, it’s pretty common knowledge that you don’t travel with a bag full of food if a bear is on your tail. A bear’s sense of smell is over seven times stronger than a bloodhound’s and can pick up a scent from a mile away.

But even when the couple threw down their bag full of pic-a-nic basket goodies, the bear attack still didn’t cease. In fact, the animal continued to keep a close eye on the Bogdanovs and the tree for another two days. Finally, when the bear momentarily moved away, the couple made a break for the nearby river. Not even the river’s strong current could deter the bear.

“I almost drowned there, but Anton finally pulled me out,” Nina said. “The bear was behind us, and got carried away by the current a bit.”

And this was still only day two of the 10-day bear attack.

Russian Couple Finally Find Safety at Stuck Car

Once the Bodganovs reached the other side of the river, they found refuge in another tree. It’s unclear whether the bear followed them to the next tree or if the couple stayed there to ensure their safety, but after two days, the couple climbed through the trees to backtrack towards their car.

Six days later, they were back where they started.

“As soon as we reached the car, we heard noises of approaching vehicles,” Nina said, signifying the sounds of safety and help.

“I started crying from happiness when I saw the cars.”