Bear Attack: North Carolina Black Bear Interrupts Couple’s Picnic, Confronts Barking Dog

by Michael Freeman

With the weather cooling down, now is the perfect time for a picnic. Unfortunately, the same proves true regarding a bear attack. In this case, a black bear confronted a picnicking couple and their dog.

The bear attacked a picnicking couple along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. The couple’s barking dog irritated the bear, prompting the attack. For The Win reports the encounter transpired Wednesday evening in the Folk Art Center parking area. The couple was initially unaware of the bear. However, they found out from their unleashed dog, who ran toward the bear loudly barking.

“Likely aggravated by the dog, the bear acted defensively toward the dog and the couple,” the park service stated. “Over the next several minutes, there were repeated attacks by the bear while the couple retreated with their dog to the safety of their vehicle. The couple drove to Mission Hospital where they were both treated for their injuries and released.” Their injuries are currently unknown.

Additionally, the National Park Service issued another statement regarding the attack. “Park rangers and wildlife biologists, in coordination with N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC), is attempting to capture the bear and conducting and foot patrols of the immediate area. A thorough investigation of the scene was conducted, and forensic evidence was collected to be used for DNA analysis. If the offending bear is captured and positively identified, officials will humanely euthanize the animal, per park and NCWRC protocol.”

Officials also stated closures and restrictions to certain park areas for the time being. The Mountains to Sea Trail and the Folk Art Center Nature Loop Trail received closures They also prohibited picnicking between the Asheville Visitor Center and nearby parking areas.

Glacier National Park Black Bear Euthanized After Never-Reported Car Crash Injures it

Though bear attacks like the one in North Carolina do happen, another recent bear attack has a bit of a twist. Last week, a car hit a bear in Glacier National Park in Montana. Park officials then euthanized the bear.

The driver didn’t even report the incident, making it worse. Glacier officials say the bear suffered “unsurvivable traumatic injuries.” Park rangers released a press release this Monday, stating the bear had “a severely broken jaw, an injured foreleg, and a potentially damaged ribcage and lung area.” The bear was male, healthy, and roughly 2 to 2.5 years old.

Rangers concluded by offering a bit of wildlife advice, such as noting that roads in the area often go into animal habitats. They also ask drivers to watch speed limits, both for their own sake and animals in the area. Officials found the bear along Going-To-The-Sun Road, a 50-mile, 2-hour scenic mountain route. Sadly, they still do not know the driver’s identity.