Bear Caught on Trail Cam Attacking Young Wolf Pups in Den: VIDEO

by Courtney Blackann

Nature is absolutely fascinating. Not only fascinating, but humbling as well. From the strength of great storms to the instincts of animals, it is a great reminder that nothing is invincible. Some zoologists learned this recently as they studied a den of wolf pups to monitor their behavior, but instead witnessed a brown bear attack and eat the pups.

It’s just the circle of life. However, the pups’ untimely end was not easy to watch. In a video posted to Youtube, the zoologists observed the attack, which took the brown bear half an hour to dig.

The determined bear smells the den and seemingly knows what’s waiting inside. It pounds the den as well as digs and digs until it has destroyed the entire home. While the video doesn’t show what must’ve been horrific for the young pups, the entire space, along with all the pups is gone when the bear finishes.

Shortly after the attack, the two parent wolves move in on the scene cautiously. The wolves are visibly tense as they move around the den, not getting near enough to thoroughly check it out. Apparently scared, the parent wolves leave the scene. They only return at night to examine the damage.

“The brown bear discovered the wolf den and began destroying it. Extirpation of that by the bear took half an hour. It looks like the parent wolves were observing the bear’s action from aside, but they were afraid to approach the bear and attack it,” a zoologist observing the scene said.

“Right after the bear has gone the parent wolves came to the extirpated den. They looked scared. After some shy and careful inspection of the den-site, the parent wolves left the place and came back there only at night,” he added.

After a few nights of this behavior, the wolves seem to recognize that the pups are gone for good, and they leave the den.

The scene is a sad one. Albeit, it’s a lesson we must all respect. The wiles of nature bring all sorts of tragedy and triumph alike.

When Bears Come Face to Face With Humans

Just as nature should be respected, it’s also prudent to be prepared for unknown circumstances.

Earlier this summer, a couple campers were enjoying the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. They built their tent for the evening and fell asleep. However, in the middle of the night they received an unwelcome surprise.

The two campers were being attacked by a bear who found them sleeping, though it’s unknown what caused the attack.

“There’s no indication that they did anything to prompt the attack or did anything wrong. It’s one of those where you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologist Jeff Selinger said.

The couple was able to retreat to their kayak in search of help following the gruesome attack. One camper was airlifted to a nearby hospital while the other was taken by ambulance.