Bear Crashes Wedding, Guests Couldn’t Be Bothered

by Leanne Stahulak

Wedding crashers come in all shapes and sizes… and species, apparently. One happy couple’s wedding got interrupted by a curious black bear in Mexico earlier this week.

Angie Disa posted the jaw-dropping video on TikTok five days ago. It showed a young black bear crashing her cousin’s wedding in Chipinque National Park in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. While the bear itself is something to behold, the best part of the video is the guests’ nonchalance about his presence.

At the start of the clip, we see the bear sprawled out over a wedding reception table, knocking a chair to the ground as he gets off. Most of the guests have vacated the area, standing far away in the background as they record the animal on their phones. But then, as the bear pads off to the right, another reception table comes into view not two feet away from where the animal was.

The half of the table that we can see is full of people. They just watch the bear go, and one man at the table keeps chewing away at his food. No black bear is going to stop him from enjoying this wedding feast.

See the hilarious sight for yourself in the video below. The comments posted by several other TikTok users are almost as golden.


He just wanted some food 😪 ##smh ##SaveIt4TheEndZone ##MakeADogsDay ##myfinALLYmoment ##mexico ##wedding ##beartok ##fyp

♬ original sound – Angie Disa

Disa herself captioned the post, “He just wanted some food.” Others chimed in and called him “the ring bear” or said he was stopping by to offer his congratulations. One person got right to the point. “How are you all so calm omg,” one user named Dianna commented.

Angie Disa Posts Follow Up Video on the Bear That Crashed Her Cousin’s Wedding

A few days ago, Angie Disa, who posted the original video, posted a follow-up explaining some more context to the situation. She responded directly to Dianna’s comment about how everyone remained so calm.

Apparently, they could see several wild animals from the hotel they stayed at in the mountains. So the guests knew that they could possibly run into some wildlife during the weekend.

“The staff told us not to move. This was not a big bear, it was not an adult,” Disa explained. “It was kind of a baby bear. So that’s why we had to remain calm and just wait for the staff to manage all of this. The staff obviously knows how to deal with all these animals.”

She added in a further video, “So the worst that we could’ve done is scream and run away. This bear would’ve gotten scared and it would’ve chased us or something quite like that. So when all of that happened, we thought the best thing that we could do is just stay calm, keep eating our food, and just wait for the staff to deal with the situation.”