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Bear Cub Caught on Camera Trying To Break Into Colorado Home, Facebook Video Shows

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Watch a Denver woman hosts an unexpected visitor as this grizzly bear cub tries to break into her home through her glass porch door.

File this one under “cute bear encounters” for 2020. Which is, to say, a massive improvement from the majority of terrifying – even fatal – encounters this year.

2020 has been a stressful year for both city and wildlife populations. The change in human habits – from an increase in hunting, camping, and a mass return to the outdoors – has more people than ever coming across bears. Bears, too, are on high-alert – seeing their homes burned in huge swaths due to the historic wildfires.

Thankfully, this encounter results in nothing more than a little guy curiously exploring a woodland Colorado home. Fox 31 in Denver covers the bear cub and his attempted break in. According to the local news agency, Charlene Bixler recorded the video in Creede earlier this week.

“Our little visitor” – Curious bear cub caught on camera

“Our little visitor yesterday,” Bixler writes on Facebook accompanying her video. The encounter, which you can view below, shows the curious young grizzly bear trying his hardest to enter the home. The large glass sliding door seems like an opening to most animals – and this little guy isn’t taking no for an answer.

Mamma bear is never far behind

While bear cubs will always seem irresistible – they should always serve as an immediate warning. Mamma bear – regardless of species – will not be far behind. If a cub is less than one or two years old (still little and cute) they will still be directly under their mother’s watchful eye. Few wild animals are more aggressive momma bear protecting her cub(s), either.

And sure enough, Fox31 reports the mother bear came along shortly after to tug her cub away from the house.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials stress people should “try to make bears uncomfortable in their yard”. Never entice cubs or bears onto your property by leaving food or trash out. If grizzlies and black bears maintain their fear of humans, potentially dangerous encounters will be far less likely.

“Do not put your trash out until the morning collection,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesperson Jason Clay tells the local Fox News outlet. “If you see a bear in your neighborhood, haze it away [and] take down your bird feeder.”

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