Bear Cubs Play in Cooler Full of Water at Evacuated Lake Tahoe Home: VIDEO

by Kati Michelle

Bears are a nuanced topic. They often make headlines for some next-level action. Some people even prefer watching two grizzlies duke it out over any fight attached to Jake Paul... Still, the beasts are not all ferocious. In fact, they can be pretty clumsy. Remember that baby cub that fell down a waterfall while fishing for salmon?

Baby bear cubs are undeniably adorable. As the wildfires continue to burn in the West, however, a lot of them are finding themselves suddenly orphaned. Even those bear families that don’t end up separated are changing their migratory patterns in the wake of all the burned habitat and danger. Lake Tahoe is one of the many towns that found themselves under an evacuation order not too long ago. Without people in the area, bears are taking full advantage of exploration and scavenging.

Fox 40 shares newly surfaced videos of the more and more common stance meetings with the bears. Most footage is captured from street cams and RING doorbells or the likes, as people have not quite fully returned to the area yet. This was good news for one pair of cubs looking to find some refuge from the heat.

Lake Tahoe Cubs Gone Wild

What could be more relaxing than a cooler filled with… brown water? The two cubs captured on video trying out their luxury pool were not available for comments. However, their joy and playful energy permeate through the video. The cubs are small and very curious. What makes the video so interesting in addition to its cute factor is the fact that we are able to observe these young cubs experiencing the world. Just like human babies, these cubs learn through play and following their curiosity wherever it takes them. It just so happens that this time, their curiosity took them to an abandoned deck in the city of Lake Tahoe.

You can watch all the footage here. The cubs can be seen around the 1:45 mark.

The City of Bears

Even in the aftermath of the evacuation, officials fielded over 70 calls concerning bear break-ins in the area. From the South Lake Tahoe Police Department Operations, Lieutenant Travis Cabral offered Fox this statement on the matter:

“Bear activity has increased due to the evacuations and what we’ve seen is the fire has pushed the wildlife into our city and that is represented in the number of bear calls we had breaking into residences.”

He went on to explain how officials are handling the situation.

“Right now, they are a little more brazen so we’re trying, on the law enforcement side, to mitigate that a little bit before the bulk of our population comes back.”

The area’s people have cohabitated Lake Tahoe with numerous bears over the years in a good flow of harmony. It’s expected the bears will retreat once traffic re-enters the area. Until then, residents can continue to spy on the vacationing bear families and find some joy amongst the heavy wildfire news.