Bear Gets Trapped in Park Ranger’s Car, Claws the Interior to Total Shreds: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed

Cars are made to be tough these days. Especially the ones designed for trips into the wilderness. However, even the toughest of vehicles aren’t made to withstand the force of a bear’s claws. And, Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials have photos – and video – to prove this!

Colorado Parks and Wildlife released footage of a car that was destroyed by a bear while the animal was trapped inside the vehicle. And, the images clearly show the car’s interior was not built for claws.

The incident happened earlier this week, according to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Twitter post when the bear became trapped in a vehicle located in Northeast Colorado.

The curious animal’s wild adventure occurred Thursday morning at the border of Colorado’s Jefferson and Gilpin counties.

Photos Warn Park Visitors of Potential Damage In a Very Specific Situation

First, officials shared photos depicting the extensive damage caused by the bear while it was locked inside the vehicle.

Few pieces of the vehicle’s interior were spared while the bear struggled to get out of the car. The bear ripped paneling off in various sections throughout the vehicle. While in the car, the bear also cracked the windshield and other windows. Pieces of the dashboard were damaged as well.

Of course, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife used the incident as a great reminder for park visitors; a reminder to lock cars!

Just a friendly reminder to remove all attractants and to lock your vehicles,” the CPW NE Region wrote on the Twitter Page.

“This is what it will look like if a bear gets into it,” the organization continued. “This was from this morning on the border of @JeffcoColorado and @GilpinCounty.”

The Bear Just Needed A Little Help

In fact, a brave Colorado Parks and Wildlife official ended up helping the curious animal make its final escape from the automobile.

“A wildlife officer backed up next to the vehicle and opened the door just a little bit for the bear so it could get out,” noted the CPW NE Region September 9 Twitter post, which depicts the final moments before the bear’s escape.

“The wildlife officer estimated the bear weighed between 200 and 250 pounds,” the post added of the unexpected visitor.

While the Colorado Parks and Wildlife official did offer a start to the escape by slightly opening the door, it appears the bear was not done wreaking havoc on the vehicle, even as it was climbing out. That, or the animal just wasn’t entirely certain how doors work.

On its way out, the wayward bear appears to sort of climb over the door as it exits. Pulling it off the hinges.