Bear Grylls Announces 2 New Interactive Specials: Viewers Choose Baboon Rescue or Hungry Lion Attack

by Will Shepard

The iconic wilderness adventurer, Bear Grylls, is headlining two more interactive specials on Netflix. Therefore making it possible for anyone with Netflix to try and get Bear Grylls into impossibly tough situations.

Bear’s show “You vs. Wild” has been very successful so far. “Animals on the Loose” is the latest installment of Bear Grylls’ show. This franchise for Netflix is premiering on February 16, after the eight episodes in the first season of “You vs. Wild.”

“Animals on the Loose” is a feature-length interactive show that investigates a mysterious breach in a fence. The fence breach is in a wildlife sanctuary where a lion and a baboon have escaped from. So, the journey follows Bear Grylls around the sanctuary as he tries to protect other animals while rescuing the escaped lion and baboon.

As the show says, it is an attempt to “rescue a mischievous baboon, track down a hungry lion, and fix the fence before any more animals get out.”

The details for the second installment of “You vs. Wild” have yet to be released, but it should be equally exciting.

Bear Grylls’ Interactive Specials

Before releasing the first season of “You vs. Wild,” Bear Grylls talks about the psyche of viewers. He is certainly aware that a lot of people watching the show would do their best to try and kill him. But, the producers of the show are exceptionally aware of that fact. So, they make sure that Bear Grylls remains safe and sound throughout the entirety of the show – for the most part.

In 2019, in an interview, Bear Grylls’ producers talk about how interesting filming the first season was. In particular, they mention that Grylls knows exactly what he is doing at all times.

“You could make this show as extreme as you want to, and it could be very dangerous for the host. You could kill the host if you wanted to. We just had to draw that line. Also, with Netflix, we didn’t want to depict Bear failing mortally. We didn’t want to scare kids. So rescue by helicopter was always an option. When we get to that line when we’d ask Bear if he had any options left, he’d say, ‘Not really, dude.’ And we’d say, ‘Cool, let’s film a rescue sequence.'”

So, on February 16, head onto Netflix to help Bear Grylls rescue animals. Or, do your darnedest to get him into as perilous of a situation as possible. Either way, the new specials will certainly be entertaining for viewers.

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