Bear Pulls a Goldilocks, Climbs in Through Family’s Window

by Matthew Memrick

One Canadian family got more than it bargained for when a black bear climbed through a house window in a reverse take on the Goldilocks story. 

First, the Reddy family of Fort McMurray, Alberta, got a close encounter when a black bear came through its open garage. Two of his four children were home at the time.

Then, the father, Sean Reddy, went outside with a son to watch the bear scamper off into the woods.

Then Reddy got another shock. His youngest son found the two to ask what was a scratching noise.

He told the CBC Edmonton that he had another visitor that day.

“I was like, ‘OK, what do you mean?’ My oldest boy ran into the house, and he came out, and he’s like, ‘The bear’s in the hallway!’ OK. That changes things.”

Another bear broke in through a screen covering a window and was going through a bedroom.

After that, the animal gave itself a self-guided tour.

Bear Crisis Took Time

The Reddy family managed to force the bear out with some bear spray. A neighbor also came over to help. The group closed a door to another room, hoping the mammal would go back through the window. 

Unfortunately, that bedroom window had a closed window. Reddy and the crew could only redo their plans. They clogged up the hallway with furniture to get the animal back into the room with the opened window.

“I could hear him snorting in there,” Reddy said. “And my son had half a bowl of cereal probably left on his computer desk, and we heard the bowl smash and hit the ground.” 

Oh, if only there Yelp for Bears was a thing. We could all read a bad review about porridge or a comfy bed for this bear. 

All Reddy could do was hope the mammal would get bored and leave. The man said he didn’t worry about the mammal now but would keep his garage and windows shut from now on.

Reddy said, “I never worried about it before, but now this happened.” 

Happy Ending For Bear?

Eventually, the bear found the window and left. But surprisingly, Reddy did not feel threatened by what seemed to be a 600-pound animal.

Reddy’s guest stayed around his neighborhood, however. The father said he went to another open garage on his mother’s property and a few other places.

Fish and Wildlife officials came out later and set up a trap. If caught, they would have to decide what to do next, and killing/relocation options were on the table. 

Officials said the Fort McMurray area is a hotspot for bears, citing 70 caught there in the past year. Of those figures, officials have moved 19 and 59 killed.  

The most significant issue officials seem to have is a bear taking over a human habitat. With winter approaching, bears often go straight to human areas for food. If a bear stays in human habitats, they can be a danger for humans.