Bear Siblings Take a ‘Synchronized Nap’ in Precious Viral Video

by Shelby Scott

Mondays are hard for Outsiders everywhere. However, it appears we’re not the only ones with the Monday blues. A viral clip, shared from Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, captured two drowsy bears “synchronized napping” and we just can’t get enough.

While we’re sure it’s hard struggling through the kickoff to this work week, we nevertheless hope these two adorable bear siblings brought a little smile to your face. The clip shows the two brown bear siblings, named Joe Boxer and Patron. They briefly meander a little section of their enclosure before joining up. The bears then meet in a clear grassy patch backdropped by some impressive mountains.

They stand nose to nose when all of a sudden, one of the bear siblings plops down in the grass. The other sibling mimics the decision before they adorably roll into nap positions. The synchronized roll captures the two fluffy creatures facing each other. They then gracelessly falling into a heap and their short, stalky limbs remain outstretched. Sweet dreams, fuzzy friends.

A Tragic Loss

Boxer Joe and Patron seemingly live a safe and content life within their huge enclosure at Alaska‘s Wildlife Conservation Center. However, their story is actually quite sad.

According to the New York Post, the bear siblings first arrived at the center in 2004 after their mother was killed. The outlet shared, via the conservation center, the bears’ mother had killed a moose in a Willow, AK resident’s backyard. In an effort to protect his dog, the man shot and killed the bears’ mother. At the time, though, he had been unaware of the two cubs nearby.

Following the incident, Boxer Joe and Patron were rescued by a wildlife biologist near a tree. They then made their arrival at the conservation center. Following their arrival and the time since, the pair have thrived.

Brown bears have been known to be aggressive toward humans and other animals. But, it appears they maintain a special bond with their brethren. In addition to the siblings in AK’s conservation center, they share their enclosure with a third brown bear named Hugo.

‘Fat Bear Week’ Arrives as Katmoi Bears are Already Enormous

Whether the sibling pair above were preparing for hibernation or simply kicking back on a sleepy Monday, we can’t be sure. However, in another area of the far northern state, Alaska’s Fat Bear Week competitors are already enormous ahead of this week’s competition.

Katmoi National Park‘s Annual Fat Bear Week begins this Wednesday and concludes October 5th. While the competition, its title in writing, may appear ridiculous, it actually serves as a kind of learning opportunity for Outsiders.

In addition to highlighting some of the national park‘s pudgiest bears of the season, we also learn the importance of food intake prior to the animals’ months-long hibernation. Their massive storages of fat enable them to endure some pretty harsh winters as they sleep the season away.

Already leading in mass is Katmoi’s beloved brown competitor, Chunk. The bear officially numbered 747 takes on some of the attributes of the coordinating aircraft. However, while he took first place during Fat Bear Week last year, it appears some of this year’s bears are putting in some major work to measure up. More here!