WATCH: Bear Snatches Fast Food Bag After Breaking into Tennessee Car

by Amy Myers

From using crosswalks to stealing fast food bags, southern black bears seem to be incredibly crafty creatures. Locals have captured dozens of videos in recent months of bears that have become increasingly skilled escape artists, thieves and even city pedestrians. This most recent video captures a curious and hungry black bear crawling out of a parked car with a fast food bag in its mouth.

It’s not that bear break-ins are uncommon (particularly in the south), but the fact that this one managed to slip away Mission-Impossible style is pretty impressive. In the clip, the bear makes his way out of the front seat with the loot in his jaws. All the while, its massive body knocks into the horn a few times. While the bear makes its getaway, a few napkins fell out of the bag.

Take a look at the incident at the clip below.

William Cloninger was the one who caught the bear on tape while staying at a motel in Gatlinburg.

“I seen a car with its window down and seen donuts on the dash and I thought oh no,” Cloninger said.

Cloninger and his wife stated that bear sightings are pretty frequent in the area. They’ve become something of “return customers.”

“Different businesses around town have different bears that come around, like frequent guests, everyone just gets used to them,” he continued.

The Tennessee native also gave a piece of advice to fellow locals looking to keep their fast food bags secure.

“Keep your windows rolled up, don’t leave food in your car or they’ll come and find it, it kills the bears,” said Cloninger. “They’ll leave you alone if you leave them alone, they’re just as scared of you as you are of them.”

Asheville Bear Looks Both Ways Before Crossing the Street

In a separate incident in North Carolina, this black bear turned some heads when it properly used the crosswalk in downtown Asheville.

Late last month, the bear stopped at the edge of the street by the crosswalk, waited as a few cars passed by then looked both ways before continuing on his way. When he got to the other side of the street, it continued onto the sidewalk before deciding to hang out in a tree in the city park.

The strange yet striking moment demonstrates just how much the bear has become accustomed to humans and urbanization. The animal seems to have no interest in causing any trouble. Instead, it continues on its way without any concern about the people sitting outside just several feet away.

According to WFMY News, police confirmed that the black bear had a wildlife collar that officials supplied for the animal.