WATCH: Bear Stalks Blogger and Her Family While They Hike In Canada

by Dustin Schutte

It’s impossible to know what you might encounter when you’re enjoying a hike in the wilderness. One family’s peaceful stroll through a trail in Whistler, Canada turned into a rather startling experience because of a curious bear.

Brighton Peachey and her family were hiking the trail when they crossed paths with a rather large black bear. While the family followed all the proper steps when encountering the bear, none of it deterred him from stalking them down the path.

Peachey posted multiple videos on the encounter in Canada. The entire family yelled at the bear and made themselves appear large in an attempt to intimidate the beast. As you can tell, none of it fazed the bear.

In her Instagram post, Peachey said the area has been “closed off multiple times because of this bear’s increasing aggressive behavior.” She also said the bear followed them for about a half-mile on the trail.

Even when Peachey’s family caught up with a larger group of hikers, the bear continued to stalk them. At one point in the video, you can hear one of her sons saying, “Can we play dead yet?”

Fortunately, the bear’s interest eventually waned, and the family was able to continue the hike safely. Peachey did admit that everyone was “on edge” for the remainder of the hike after the encounter.

That’s to be expected.

Let’s also recognize the bravery of Peachey’s six-year-old son in the video. Despite a frightening encounter with a large black bear, he stayed pretty calm throughout the situation.

“I’m so proud of the way my kids handled this situation though,” Peachey wrote. “Since we spend so much time in the backcountry with very real dangers we think it’s important to be straightforward about the realities and dangers of the outdoors. We try not to scare them but we don’t sugar coat it.”

Not Every Bear Sighting is Frightening

While the Peachey family endured a pretty startling experience, not all bear encounters in the great outdoors are quite that worrisome. Sometimes, these animals just want to take a leisurely stroll.

Another large bear, this time spotted in Naples, Florida, was spotted walking through a country club on a bright afternoon on Father’s Day. And before you ask, no, it wasn’t the “Golden Bear” Jack Nicklaus.

A video shared on The Club at The Strand’s Facebook page shows the black bear wandering. By the look of it, he’s probably enjoyed his fair share of snacks throughout his life. The post says this beast was the largest of its kind to be spotted at the country club.

Bears are not uncommon in Florida. The club’s general manager, Elvis Gooden, told FOX 13 “smaller bears have been sighted along with their cubs, playing in the trees,” at the country club.

If there are more sightings like this, the establishment might have to change its name to The “Cub” at The Strand.