Bears Keep Hilariously Overtaking Colorado Man’s Outdoor Couch

by Jonathan Howard

One man in Steamboat Springs, Colorado is having a lot of bear problems. Out on his patio, his outdoor couch has become a play pad. Multiple videos show the goofy black bear lounging, laying, and tearing up the furniture. All just on the other side of a window, knowing they are being watched.

Bears are incredibly curious and have adapted well to environments with humans in them. However, this is a bit extreme. While the poor man naps, the bear takes control of his porch. Really, it is like a large indignant cat. Twisting around, clawing into the furniture, and caring for no one but themselves. Watch the video here, courtesy of KDVR.

Chris Ward claims that the bear came by last spring and wrecked his couch. However, he did not remove the furniture in time. So, it came back and has kept coming back since then. While the issue is a bit concerning, it seems that he has a plan. As soon as the intruder go into hibernation, it is to the dump with whatever is left of the couch.

This is unusual behavior for the animals, however, black bears adapt pretty well. They are also capable of learning faster than previously believed. When an animal has the brain capacity to do puzzles and solve problems on the fly, it knows a comfy spot when it finds one, too.

Bears Ready for Hibernation Season

It won’t be much longer until Chris Ward can rid himself of the couch. According to Jason Clay with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the season is coming. So, currently, bears are readying their bodies for the long slumber. It means that these beasts are consuming 20,000 calories a day. There isn’t much that can get in between a bear and a food source. That’s why Clay says to take precautions.

“If you have a bear [come] around your home take action. It’s the best for you and that bear too,” he said. That means a few things.

Residents can start by using non-confrontational methods. That includes using air horns, car horns, and alarms, or anything similar to scare the animals away. If that doesn’t work, equipping yourself with bear mace might be the answer. However, if that all fails, it is best to contact your wildlife officials. Messing around with wildlife is no joke, and people get seriously injured interacting with wild animals.

The number one thing to prevent bears from coming to your residence is to keep food sources away. Do not have any trash, scraps, or anything outside where a bear can potentially get to it. Ward even went as far as to put his hummingbird feeder away at night. Unfortunately for him, he has that comfy couch out on the porch. Remember folks, put away the cushions at night if you’re in bear country.