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Bears Released Into the Wild and Immediately Turn on Their Rescuers

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Ismael Adnan/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

People quickly learned that brown bears don’t like social media photo-ops, during a release in Iraq yesterday.

Six Syrian brown bears were saved from captivity recently. After saving the bears, organizers of a wildlife conservation project in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq attempted to release the bears back into the wild. The group invited a cast of journalists, photographers, and spectators to watch the event. But the bears weren’t having it.

Just moments after the cages were opened, the bears charged the crowd. This was the third release planned by the organization. According to one of the event’s lead organizers, Blend Prevkani, reporters were also attacked by three bears during a release at the same location in 2018. So, either that location is cursed or organizers need to learn that large, chaotic crowds scare bears. People, find a different way to boost your Instagram following!

Reports haven’t revealed if anyone was hurt at the location yesterday. However, after watching the video, we’re not convinced that the bears were attacking. Maybe they just wanted to play a little and celebrate their new home.

Have You Watched The Movie Born Free?

The iconic movie, Born Free was released 55 years ago. But its message still applies today. The film became a beloved classic for anyone who loves animals yet understands that they can never truly possess a wild animal. The moving tale features a game warden and his wife as they work at a national park in Kenya. While there, the couple takes care of three lion cubs. Once they are healthy, two of the cubs are sent to a zoo in the Netherlands. The smallest cub, Elsa, stays with the couple. For years, the two watch Elsa grow as if she was their daughter. Until, one day, the couple realizes that it isn’t right to try and curb Elsa’s wild nature any longer. They decide to release her back into the wild – which initially results in a slew of complexities. But eventually, Elsa is successfully reintegrated into her natural habitat.

Trailer for Born Free

We Still Respect The Bear Rescuers

Although the Born Free characters didn’t exactly do the right thing by attempting to domestic the lion in the first place, we give them props for recognizing the mistake and taking steps to correct the situation. The event took place pre-social media so they did it without a host of journalists and spectators trying to get a gram-worthy shot. Maybe these bear rescuers should take some notes.

All jokes aside, we respect the activists for rescuing the bears. According to Blend, the aforementioned lead organizer, some of the bears were bought by the organization while others were given to them by people who were attempting to keep bears in their home. Regardless, the bears were living in unhealthy settings before the activists rescued them. As Outsiders, we respect anyone who seeks to maintain the wild. So, hats off to everyone involved in returning the bears to their natural homes.