Bears Take Over Abandoned Tahoe Town To Flee Wildfires in the Area

by Shelby Scott

While thousands of Americans fleed the raging California wildfires, they’re not the only ones seeking shelter and safety. Tourists and residents fleed the Lake Tahoe resort area. In connection, bears and other four-legged creatures have made their way into the abandoned town. Photos show multiple bears scavenging for food among what are typically much more crowded areas.

California’s RMG News shared multiple photos of ash-coated bears seeking food and finding relatively safe spaces to rest. The Tweet’s caption however did not go over well when the outlet wrote, “dozens of four-legged looters are on the prowl in South Lake Tahoe at the #CaldorFire.”

Commenters shared their fury with the description. Many pointed out that Tahoe is the bears’ home as well. They further stated the bears are attempting to escape the growing flames of California’s wildfires as well.

“Looters?! Are you kidding me?! This is their home too and their home is already burning. This will not age well, count on that,” wrote @djwyze1. The following commenter wrote, “They need somewhere to go, their homes are burning too, along with their food sources. They’re welcome ‘visitors’ in my eyes, they can wander the streets of town as much as they’d like.”

California’s Caldor Wildfire Spared Lake Tahoe

As the Caldor Fire continued to rage nearer and nearer Lake Tahoe’s resort town, residents and tourists alike evacuated just days ago. Initially, Tahoe expected to endure incredible damage from the major wildfire.

However, graciously, the flames spared the resort town the other night as the area received weaker than expected wind gusts. Authorities expressed concern surrounding Lake Tahoe and its resort town from the beginning. Previously, the Caldor Fire edged nearer on one side of Tahoe and the Dixie Fire raged on another. Further, wildfires continue to spread firefighters thinly throughout the Western region of the United States. However, crews battling the Caldor Fire received a reprieve when conditions did not proceed as they previously appeared they would.

For now, bears and other animals take cover in Lake Tahoe’s resort area, sparred from the wildfires for the moment. Currently, firefighters work to redirect the Caldor Fire to a section of land already crisped by the Tamarack Fire. Eric Schwab, an operations section chief with Cal Fire stated, “It’s a fresh burn, and if we get it steered into there…that basically stops the spread of the fire.”

Cal Fire’s website additionally claims the Caldor Fire faces around 27% containment at the moment. While it’s definitely not a high enough number to assume crews are steadily gaining control, it’s a much better statistic than the 11% containment crews were working with last week.

As wildfire season continues, Outsider anxiously awaits to hear further containment updates surrounding the Caldor Fire.