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2020 Waterfowl Review: Benelli Super Black Eagle 3

by Jack T. Wilder
The Benelli SBE3 is the perfect waterfowl gun... Photo by: Unsplash

What hasn’t been written or said about this gun? It is without a doubt THE duck hunter’s gun and pound for pound the best in class in the marsh and in the field. We’ll try to find a few new reasons to like this gun because it’s easier than finding anything not to like about it. For the money, it is the perfect gun for waterfowl hunters.

The first thing we’ll say about this gun is it is lightweight. That’s not always a good thing but in Benelli’s case, they have perfected the weight distribution of the barrel/stock ratio to create an almost effort-less swinging gun that is easy to carry even when packed with three magnum goose loads. The new SBE3 benefits the most from improved ergonomics, intuitive, flawless functionality and an updated design, style and feel. The in-demand 12 gauge shotgun continues to provide the latest in modern waterfowling reliability in the most unforgiving conditions.

It goes bang, bang, bang…

As Drew Keeth, head honcho at the famous Honey Brake Lodge in Larto, Louisiana once told me, “I like Benelli ’cause I know when I squeeze the trigger it’s going to go bang, bang, bang…” And this is the most important thing isn’t it? Able to handle the abuse of the marsh environment, a waterfowl gun has to produce every time when you squeeze the trigger. Benelli inertia driven guns go bang, bang, bang every time. They rarely if ever fail. Legions of duck hunters swear by their Benelli guns ability to stand up in the field and that has made them one of the top brands in the outdoor space today.

Available in a variety of different patterns, I prefer the Mossy Oak Bottomland as it has a dark, hard to see pattern in just about all weather conditions and birds never see it coming. But you can also get it in ShadowGrass, Max-5 and Gore Optifade marsh or timber.

Is it cheap? No, hell no. Not at all. A new one will set you back the same as an old used Ford pickup truck sitting on a Laramie, Wyoming back lot with a busted radiator. Almost three thousand dollars. But it’s a hell of a lot more responsive and reliable and is bound to help your waterfowl game some as better shots equals more dead ducks. The Benelli SBE3 has real firing power for such a lightweight gun and you might not want to shoot anything else after shouldering one.