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6 Beers That Are Perfect for Camping

by Jacklyn Krol
Mark Erskine, Unsplash

For some reason, drinking beers while camping is more gratifying and enjoyable than cracking a cold one at home. After a long day of hiking, fishing, boating, or exploring the wilderness, enjoying a beer is one of the best ways to end your day.

Finally, check out our list of camping essential beers, below.

Freemont Summer Ale


Wanting summertime captured into a beer for your tastebuds to enjoy? Look no further than Fremont Brewing’s Summer Ale. This Pale Ale has citrus and melon undertones and even smells like a ripe orange. It has an impressive score of 89 on Beer Advocate, this is undoubtedly a favorite among beer consumers.

Two Hearted

Bell’s Brewery’s Two Hearted is perfect for almost any beer drinker. Similarly, the brewery named it after Michigan’s Two Hearted River. It was named “America’s Favorite IPA” for three years in a row. In addition, this beer is brewed with 100% Centennial hops from the Pacific Northwest and brings all of the grapefruit hop aromas.

All Day IPA

Founders’ All Day IPA literally has an image of camping on the logo of this drink. It’s brewed with a “complex array of malts, grains and hops.” If you’re looking for a beer to keep you sharp with a light bitterness finish, this is certainly your best bet.

Dill Pickle Gose


Are you looking for something more unique and unusual? Urban Artifact’s Dill Pickle Gose is great if you’re cooking out on the grill. You don’t have to love pickles to enjoy this beer, but it goes best with a burger. Aside from the 1,000 pounds of cucumbers and 11 pounds of sea salt used to create this, it also has 2 pounds of fresh dill, and 450 grams of coriander per batch.

Dragon’s Milk


New Holland Brewing’s Dragon’s Milk is not for the faint of heart with a 12-17% ABV. Hints of coffee and chocolate paired an overall vanilla taste make this drink an experience. It’s America’s best-selling bourbon barrel-aged stout for a reason. By all means, this will keep you coming back for more.

Graham Cracker Porter


Denver Beer Company’s Graham Cracker Porter has bottled the camping experience. Additionally, this beer has been described as “campfire in a glass.” It truly tastes like a s’more in beer form. Furthermore, it has hints of vanilla along with smoked cedar, chocolate, and graham cracker. Overall, the full malt flavor with a semi-dry finish of cherries and truffles will satisfy your thirst.