Best Cities for Outdoor Grilling Ranked Ahead of Labor Day Weekend

by Michael Freeman

Labor Day is fast approaching, and that likely means a weekend of grilling for all of us. Offering an extensive look at more than 180 cities across the United States, Lawn Love found and ranked the best cities for outdoor grilling.

Looking at a variety of key factors such as popularity, access, cost, and overall outdoor condition (air quality, average rain, etc.), Lawn Love really crunched the numbers for the optimal grilling experience.

Topping the list and both being cities in California, Pomona is first and Palmdale is second. Pomona has a plethora of butcher shops with affordable cuts of meat, little rain, few extremely hot or cold days, and experiences low wind speed. In short, it offers an almost ideal grilling climate. Not even 90 miles away, Palmdale is roughly the same but lacks the number of butcher shops Pomona does.

It may not be a surprise, but many southern cities take the next few spots. Baton Rouge, Louisiana takes third place, while Memphis Tennessee is in fourth. Killeen, Texas ranks fifth and Glendale, Arizona is the sixth-best. Finally, Clarksville, Tennessee is seventh and Lubbock, Texas is eighth.

What makes these cities so close in ranking, as well as some of the best in the country? They each excel in every area, but low-cost meat in areas like Baton Rouge and Memphis edged them ahead of their competitors.

Corona and San Bernandino, California round the list’s ninth and tenth places off respectively. The weather in these locations is a bit hotter than the others, and the meat isn’t as competitively priced, leading to these two trailing the other eight.

In short, if you’re close to one of those areas, try to hit them for Labor Day. And while you’re at it, why not make some corn ribs, we can vouch for how tasty they are.

Award-Winning Chef Offers Advice About One Mistake People Often Make When Grilling

Since we’re in peak grilling season, it seems prudent to offer grilling advice. Award-winning chef Elizabeth Karmel, known as “The Original Grill Girl,” offers a suggestion for one simple mistake people frequently make at the grill.

“Oiling the cooking grates instead of oiling the food,” Karmel reported to News Station Now. “This is a rampant grilling mistake that lots of people make. But I’ll tell you why it doesn’t make sense and why it doesn’t work.”

“If you oil the food and not the grates, that is going to take care of 60% of your problems. That is the biggest myth I want to debunk, always.”

According to Karmel, oiling the food preserves the flavor and prevents it from drying out. She even designed an experiment for it. She says to take two slices of eggplant and oil one but leave the other alone while grilling.

“The slice you didn’t oil is going to slowly dehydrate… it’ll be like a piece of cardboard. The other one, you’re going to see all the juices in that cross-section of the eggplant, you’re going to see them steaming and bubbling underneath the surface, and the outside is caramelizing.”

Sound advice, and something that if followed, may turn you into your neighborhood’s go-to griller.