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3 Best Portable Hammocks for Camping

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Portable hammocks are a terrific way to enhance your camping experience and connect with nature.

Hammocks make great travel companions for campers and backpackers traveling on a budget. They are lightweight, easy to set up and small enough to keep in a backpack.

Wise Owl Outfitters’ Travel Hammocks

In addition to being the best-rated on the market, Wise Owl Outfitters‘ travel hammocks are premium-made and affordable. The SingleOwl Hammock starts at $27.95 and the DoubleOwl Hammock starts at $37.95.

The SingleOwl Hammock comes with ready-to-hang, 9-foot long hammock straps. These allow you to tie around trees or any other desirable object nearby. Despite weighing only 22.5 ounces, the SingleOwl has a weight capacity of 500 pounds. Wise Owl Outfitters also offers a huge variety of color combinations so that you will definitely find one that suits your style.

Additionally, the construction of the top-rated hammock features triple-interlocking stitching for superior strength and durability. The material is soft, breathable and fast-drying, and it includes a sack for stress-free travel.

Kootek Portable Camping Hammock

Kootek’s camping hammock is one of the best-selling hammocks currently on the market. It offers indoor-outdoor versatility and is also extremely affordable, with the single-person hammock starting at $23.99.

With that said, Kootek’s double hammock fits two people, allowing for plenty of room to lay down and rest with your kids, friends, or significant other.

Furthermore, it features 10-foot, adjustable tree straps to be able to adjust to a perfect height and comfort level. Their hammock is made using durable 210T parachute fabric material, and has anti-fraying, anti-tearing properties.

Like Wise Owl Outfitters, Kootek’s hammocks areextremely lightweight. The double hammock weighs 35 ounces and supports 500 pounds.

Kootek posted a hilarious video on Facebook showing different ways to get into a hammock.


Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock

The ENO SingleNest Hammock has been considered “the best camping hammock for most people.” It’s the perfect hammock for people who don’t feel like sharing.

This extremely versatile hammock weighs just one pound but can support up to 400. It folds out to over nine-feet long, and four-feet wide, despite being able to compress down to the size of an orange.

ENO’s hammock is crafted with triple-stich seams and made of 70D Nylon which is super strong, fast-drying, and yet soft to the touch to make sure you – and your dog – are always comfy.