Bigfoot Expert Tells Jay Cutler ‘They’re Right Under Our Noses’

by Jonathan Howard

Now that Jay Cutler is not slinging footballs in the NFL, he spends his time…talking about Bigfoot on his podcast. That’s right, Cutler is a little interested in whether sasquatch is real. He had an expert on the matter on his show to discuss things.

Over on Instagram, Cutler posted a clip from his show. It shows the host asking about the mythical beast and how isolated it may or may not be. The expert starts going into detail soon after.

“Just got back from MT. Didn’t have enough service to upload this clip. Didn’t find a Sasquatch. Ran into a lot of elk and mule deer though. All the Bigfoot info you need was in this podcast. Enjoy,” the post caption read.

In the video, the former QB got things going with his question.

“The Sasquatch…have you found that they’re isolated to very, very remote places, or are they right under people’s noses at times?” Jay Cutler asked.

“Oh, they’re right under our noses actually,” the expert began. “That is another one of the myths about Sasquatches is that you have to go way out in the middle of nowhere to possibly even run across one. That’s not true at all. That’s not any more true of that than bears for example.”

The expert continued his discussion on Bigfoot. He started to go into the habitat of the giant animals. Believe it or not, they have a lot in common with bears apparently.

“You start looking at their [Sasquatch] habitat you find that there’s a direct correlation between bear habitat and Sasquatch habitat. Which, of course, makes sense if they’re biological animals as they are.”

Very interesting information.

Mississippi State Football Coach Believes in Bigfoot

Now, it may just be a coincidence, but Jay Cutler isn’t the only football guy interesting in Bigfoot lately. Head coach of the Mississippi State Bulldogs, Mike Leach is a sasquatch believer as well. His random and funny rantings are famous in the NCAA. He interrupted volleyball practice to talk about Squatch.

“My biggest problem is – and I would like to believe in Bigfoot – but the big problem is that I’m not seeing any bones,” Leach is heard saying on a video. “Like here’s a Bigfoot thighbone.”

The Mississippi State coach is known for his strange rants. But, this one is one of the best. If you would like to hear more from the football coach, he also had quite the rant about Halloween candy.

However, as far as Bigfoot is concerned, who knows what the truth is, it doesn’t really matter. Perhaps they are reclusive mammals, or maybe something more supernatural? There are all kinds of theories on the mythological creatures. However, we do love hearing football guys talking about Sasquatch and whether it exists or not. Very good stuff.