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Biker Nearly Gets Wrecked After Deer Gets Clocked by Oncoming Car

by Caroline Bynum
Photo by Tom Wheatley on Unsplash

A biker nearly got thrown off their bike by a deer flying directly at them after getting hit by an oncoming car. The video, uploaded by Peter Flur shows frightening footage of the dear being hurled into the direction of the bikers.

The cyclist, who caught the footage on his Cycliq camera, writes they were biking near Matthews, North Carolina when the deer nearly knocked them off the bikes. The video’s caption reads, “a buck ran out in front of us and across traffic.” He adds, “Very scary.”

The biker adds a second angle of the flying deer, this time from the back of his bike seat. The second video shows where the deer ends up following the first video. You can hear a honk as the deer continues its path, eventually slamming the car behind the bikers.

The second video is titled with a warning for cyclists to stay safe: “Be careful when riding.”

Comments under the videos range from joking about the deer’s intent to disappointment in the way the situation was handled. The most “liked” comment instructs viewers how to adjust settings so they can see a slow replay of the crash. The comment reads, “fyi it’s in 60fps if you wanna see it in slow motion, click the HD wheel for settings :)” Another replied with frustration that more should have been done prior to the crash. “At least they could have went back and pulled the buck off the road instead of leaving it there for another car to hit it. Or at the very least call someone to go pick up the deer. Lots of people would appreciate the meat off that deer. Only the front right quarter looks to be bruised,” the comment says.