Bill Dance Casts Sage Wisdom on Fans With Simple Boat Tip That’ll Make ‘Big Difference’

by Jonathan Howard

As a fishing legend, Bill Dance has a lot of hours in the boat and on the water. So, he has a few tips and tricks to help make fishing from the boat easier. Luckily, he is never afraid to share his wisdom. Even when he isn’t filming for one of his shows, he has knowledge to give on social media. Years of experience have made Dance a wise man of the fishing game.

While out on the boat, large horsepower engines can be a lot of power. So, when it comes to motor placement, making sure the height just right makes all the difference. Dance shared a great photo and detailed the importance of motor height. Coming off the plane nice and even with optimal performance is important.

Staying safe on the water is priority number one. Without taking the necessary precautions when it comes to motor placement, twisting can occur, the boat can take off the plane at an angle. Bill Dance points that out in his post.

“Positioning your motor too low on the transom… You might experience left hand torque when coming off plane, lazy top end performance, sluggish hole shot and chime [sic] walking. A change as little as 1/4″ in engine height can really make a big difference in the way your boat runs!” All are great points. When a legend like Dance gives out info like this, it’s important to listen.

Bill Dance Ready for College Football Season

When Bill Dance isn’t out on the water or giving helpful tips to his followers, he is an avid college football fan. Anyone who knows Dance knows his signature Tennessee Volunteers hat. Since the 1960s, the legendary fisherman has been wearing an orange T on his head. With the intensity that Vols football has behind it, it is no wonder why he is ready for the season.

He posted on Instagram, posing in his hat and holding a helmet, he asked his followers if they were ready. Of course, he is. This week the college football season gets underway in a big way. There are going to be dozens of games across the country. Fans are going to have tons of games to watch all weekend.

The SEC is going to be tough again. Over the course of the season, the Tennessee Volunteers will have to play some of the best teams in the country. They haven’t had much success in recent years. Perhaps this season, Bill Dance will have something to cheer for. Once Texas and Oklahoma get into the league, it is only going to be more difficult to compete during the football season.