Bill Dance Delivers a Great Reminder Every Fisherman Should Know

by Shelby Scott

Plenty of Outsiders have experienced a lackluster day on the lake at least once or twice. As summer winds down and boat fishing turns chillier amid fall winds, a large-mouth legend in a Tennessee hat, Bill Dance shared an important reminder for fishermen everywhere.

His latest Instagram post features the outdoorsman himself atop his fishing boat with a rod and reel in hand. The photo features the legendary fisherman alongside the words, “The fishing is always good…even if the catching isn’t.” You said it Bill.

Dance’s caption was followed with the hashtag, #gonefishing. Fans of the legendary fisherman shared their thoughts in the comments below the photo. Several of which highlighted their latest fishing failures.

“Yes sir, as usual😂,” wrote @big.bass_5. Another Bill Dance fan shared, “Tell my wife this all the time.” Another joked, “Man, did I do a whole lot of not catching yesterday!🤣”

So, overall, whether you’re catching or not, remember there are no bad days fishing.

Bill Dance’s Hat Contributes to His Legend

If you caught my reference above in the first paragraph, I appreciate it. The line, “large-mouth legend in a Tennessee hat” serves as a callout to country music icon Luke Bryan’s commemorative song, “Bill Dance.” Bryan’s song serves as a tribute to fishing Allstar Bill Dance, the song highlighting all of the singer’s fond memories of watching the fishing icon on television.

So, as far as the white and orange Tennessee hat goes, there’s a little bit of a backstory to it.

Another one of the star’s latest posts features Bill Dance himself, sporting his iconic hat in addition to a Tennessee Volunteers helmet. “Who’s ready for some football?!” Dance writes.

For those who don’t know, the fisherman is an avid football fan, showing support for the Tennessee college football team since the 1960s. Head coach at the time, Doug Dickey, gifted Dance his first hat. Ever since he’s sported the signature logo atop his famous head.

When Fishing Legends Out-Fish Luke Bryan

Earlier last month, country music star Luke Bryan took to his local lake accompanied by legendary fishermen, Bill Dance and Kevin VanDam. Their fishing trip went public on the latter’s Instagram, a link in the fisherman’s bio capturing the humorous trade-off between himself, Luke Bryan, and, of course, Bill Dance.

Part of the humorous video captures a moment during the outing where, I suppose, the fish just weren’t biting. Fans can hear Luke Bryan say, “I didn’t bring y’all out here to make my lake look like it sucks.”

The rest of the video, however, proves that the three men did indeed have a successful, fun-filled day out on the water.