Bill Dance Wishes Everyone ‘Happy Labor Day’ in the Most Bill Dance Way Possible

by Samantha Whidden

On Monday (September 6th) Bill Dance Outdoors host Bill Dance took to his Instagram account to wish his followers a happy Labor Day.

“Happy Labor Day!” Dance shared. The picture in the post is titled A Salute to the American Worker. It features the lyrics from Alabama’s 40 Hour Week (For a Living’)“You can see them every morning. In the factors and the fields/ In the city streets and the quiet country towns/ Working together like spokes insides a wheel/ They keep this country turning around.”

Along with the Labor Day post, Dance also shared a snapshot of his favorite knot for a “direct pull.” The instructions were included in the post. “Here’s a favorite knot of mine I tie for a “Direct Pull”. (The picture of me is a bonus.) Lol! #fishingaddict.”

Bill Dance Honors Close Friend in Touching Instagram Post

Last week, Dance shared a touching post in his Instagram dedicated to his late friend, Don Holmes. “The good Lord received a wonderful gift this past Tuesday morning when Don Holmes came home.”

Dance stated that Holmes was a dear and close friend who was also a major player at Bill Dance Outdoors and Bill Dance Saltwater. “A true gentleman and friend for over 40 years. An honor and loyal employee for close to 40. His love for fishing was catfishing.”

Dance further explained that he is glad that he had the opportunity to take Holmes to his favorite river, the Mighty Mississippi, and watch him catch one of his biggest fish. “Love you, old friend, and the next one I catch… it’s for you!”

Dance Scores Honorary Doctorate Degree From University of Tennessee

Earlier this spring, Bill Dance received an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Tennessee. The legendary fisherman has notably made his vintage orange and white UT baseball hat a trademark while fishing on his TV series. 

“I think in life, it’s the things we do,” Bill Dance told CBS 10 News. “It’s a certain turn we make and it’s a certain handshake we do. It’s a certain thing we say and it’s a certain person we meet that can change our whole direction in life.”

Dance also stated that the doctorate is the second biggest catch of his life. Right after his wife. He also said that while he doesn’t necessarily believe that his UT had is a luck charm, he has felt like he should stick with it since the hat is now part of this identity. 

Dance was presented with his doctorate degree from the University of Tennessee during the university’s spring graduation ceremonies at Neyland Stadium.  The university has notably presented a total of 20 honorary degrees.