Bison Gores Unsuspecting Bison at Yellowstone National Park in Shocking Video

by Shelby Scott

Yellowstone National Park receives hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Recently, one group recently captured the demise of a mature bison bull. The video captures the moment an unsuspecting idle male is brutally killed by another angry, charging rival.

While nature in these situations always runs its course and it’s how the life cycle goes, we want to provide Outsiders a warning that the attached video is graphic.

The video itself plays for more than two minutes. However, the goring of the bull occurs almost as soon as the camera begins recording. Commentators behind the video share their hopes that the large beast gets up. Soon, they all accept that it probably died following the impact.

According to 99.5 My Country‘s website, this time of year at Yellowstone is intense as it’s when mating season begins. Commonly known as “rut,” which, if you hunt whitetail, it’s termed the same thing, this time of year becomes pretty violent among male bison. Further, if you follow rut season for whitetail, you know the males become incredibly competitive. Bison are also the largest mammals in North America. Therefore, imagine this one-ton beast charging at you full speed.

In the case of this less-than-a-fight, the wounded bull suffered penetration from the charging bull’s horns into its skull. Seeing the horns probably struck the brain, it appears the victim bull died on impact or a short while later.

Additionally, while the outlet stated bison skulls are incredibly dense and well-suited to handle combative situations, it’s not always the case. The group that recorded the video later alerted Park Rangers who then dragged the dead animal further from visitors. As a national park and conservation zone, it makes sense to simply let nature take care of the animal’s remains. Below is a brief video of Yellowstone Park wolves feeding on the meat.

Bison Are Possessive and Protective

While the first video shows that, among their own kind, bison bulls especially tend to be possessive, showing dominance during rut, they also appear incredibly protective of their young. A video that hit the web earlier this month shows a Yellowstone National Park bison rescuing a calf from a pursuing wolf.

Yellowstone serves as home to about 100 gray wolves. With the abundance of bison that also occupy the large park, visitors are bound to encounter natural occurrences like this.

For those of us with softer hearts, this clip is a little easier to view. None of the animals are harmed, though it does demonstrate the great power of mature bison. Initially one of the bison swoops in to block the wolf from latching onto the calf. Following the large animal’s primary discouragement, the rest of the herd shares a part in driving the smaller animal away.

In the end, it appears the wolf is entirely disappointed and fully out of breath as it trots away from the herd, leaving the baby bison in peace.