Bison Stampede on Yellowstone River Bridge Forces SUV to Punch It in Reverse, Narrowly Avoid Getting Smashed: VIDEO

by Anna Dunn

Yellowstone National Park is known for its Bison, but the creatures are a great sight from a distance and quite scary up close. In a recent video, a stampede of Bison on a river bridge almost smashed an SUV with a driver inside, forcing the driver to punch it in reverse.

The youtube video, taken from above, shows a massive herd of bison running across a bridge with an SUV unwittingly in the middle. The driver, thinking fast, backs up off the bridge, giving the herd a place to go.

This is Far from The Only Close Call with Bison at Yellowstone this Summer

Yellowstone has played host to millions of visitors over the years, and there has been a fair share of encounters with bison. The enormous creatures are also known to have a few incidents of traffic mishaps. Another recent video showed one bison stopping the flow of traffic, walking down the road like he owns the place (because let’s be real… he totally does).

It’s also mating season for Bison. The typical season lasts from July through September, and males get particularly aggressive around this time of year.

In another incident, a bison charged a vehicle, gashing a hole in the driver’s tire. The Twitter account for Yellowstone National Park posted some info about the Bison rut earlier this summer.

“The bison rut is in full swing. You may see male bison with their mouth open and tongue out,” the account posted. “Called a flehmen response, it draws air into an olfactory organ on the roof of their mouths. This is how bull bison sniff pheromones and determine whether a female is ready to breed.

Another incident at Yellowstone involved a woman playing dead to avoid a bion trampling her. Thankfully, it worked and she walked away from the incident unharmed, if not shaken.

It’s not just the males that get aggressive. Female bison are fiercely protective of their young. In an interview with Outsider, Ranger Tara Ross discussed the majesty and danger of the massive creatures.

“It still amazes me, every year, how maternal the momma bison are with their young. How dangerous they are, and what they will do to protect their babies,” she said.

Still, it’s all a part of something beautiful. Yellowstone’s bison are a part of America’s only remaining population of pure-blooded bison. The rest have been tragically wiped out.

“Everything about the whole cycle of life, I think is so amazing. And in Yellowstone National Park – it’s just on display. Especially bison,” the ranger told Outsider.

So if you wind up taking a trip to Yellowstone National Park, make sure to take in the beautiful sights. However, from the incredible geysers to the bison, almost everything in the park is best viewed from a safe distance.