Watch: Bison in Yellowstone National Park Charges Car, Gores Hole in Tire

by Hunter Miller

Visitors at Yellowstone National Park captured on video the terrifying moment when a massive bison charged their car and gored a hole in the tire. The incident took place earlier this week.

While sitting the vehicle, the visitors observed several bison standing on the edge of the road next to a narrow waterway. Even though the guests kept the car at a low speed, the bison clearly found the car threatening. As the car slowly approached, the bison turned, lowered its head, and thrusted its enormous horns into the car’s front tire.

The tire then bursts in a loud whooshing sound. “I think he broke your tire,” a voice behind the camera says. Despite the damage, the visitors managed to drive out of the park and get the tire repaired, KRTV News reports.

For the bison in Yellowstone National Park, the mating season just began. As evidenced in the video, the males tend to get aggressive. Earlier this week, the Park took to Twitter to share about the males’ behavior during the mating season.

“The bison rut is in full swing,” the Park tweeted. “You may see male bison with their mouth open and tongue out. Called a flehman response, it draws air into an olfactory organ on the roof of their mouths. This is how bull bison sniff pheromones and determine whether a female is ready to breed.”

This recent incident involving the bison goring the tire is one of many taking place over the course of the summer. On Monday, a woman barely escaped with her life after a dangerous encounter with a bison. When one of the massive beasts charged at her, she tripped while running away. She managed to live to tell the tale by “playing dead.” Learn more here.

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