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Bizarre ‘Sea Penis’ Worm Has Social Media Freaking Out

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by MENAHEM KAHANA/AFP via Getty Images)

An Australian freediver has shocked social media after sharing a pic of a bizarre penis-shaped creature via Facebook.

“It seems to bring a lot of happiness,” wrote Josie Jones, 48, above a photo of the phallic-looking sea animal, which she discovered while diving near Rye Front Beach in Victoria, Australia.

On Tuesday, the oceanic explorer shared a pic of it to a local marine research Facebook group to get more information about the odd-looking being.

Biologists were quick to point out that the life form is called a priapulida, a type of unsegmented worm that lives at the bottom of the ocean.

Named after the Greek god Priapos, the priapulan’s not only looks like a penis, it acts like one too as it also discharges its eggs and sperm into the sea.

“We have over 160 species living under our pier,” said Jones, who cleans the beaches and local waters to improve the water quality in her spare time.

Free Diver Photographs Phallic-Looking Worm, Internet Loses It

However, while many of the group’s comments skewed super scientific, some users couldn’t help but laugh at the doppel-wanger.

“Even nature gets the urge,” said one user.

“Where do you put the batteries?” joked another, comparing the worm to a sex toy.

“Wow some marine animals are going to have fun with that,” someone wrote, to which Josie responded, “You’ve got such a wonderful imagination.”

Last year, penis spoon worms swarmed a California beach, sending social media users into hysterics.

It also created a gem of a Tweet from comedian Mark Normand. “Ladies, if you aren’t satisfied at home, remember there are plenty of fish in the sea.”

The sea cucumber is a different species in that has skin that is more like leather. Priapulidas live in shallow waters up and bury themselves in mud, which they eat.

Back when they were first discovered in prehistoric times, they were thought to be major predators.

Jones is an active free diver and helps to clean Rye Front Beach regularly. She said she does it “so funny little creatures like the sea cucumber have a better life.”