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Black Bear Breaks Into Colorado Apartment, ‘Plays’ Piano

by Will Shepard
(Bill Roth/ Anchorage Daily News/MCT/Getty Images)

A black bear was caught on camera breaking into an apartment in Vail, Colorado. Judging from the video of the incident, the bear made himself right at home.

The bear broke into the mountain town apartment and began meandering his way through the family home. But, he quickly became interested in escaping the house. But, in the process of getting out of the house, he puts his paws on the family piano and bangs on the keys.

Even though the video takes place in 2017, the video is still shocking, exciting, and comedic all at the same time. The bear just waltzes through the house, inspecting anything that he thinks is interesting. The omnivore takes the time to play a few notes on the piano before moving on. He is clearly trying to become the next Billy Joel.

Black Bear Plays the Piano in Home Break-In

According to The Associated Press, the black bear got into the Colorado apartment in a uniquely sneaky way. The bear got into the house through a window that was left cracked open.

During its investigation of the house, he helped himself to some food in the freezer. The bold animal didn’t seem to be worried about anything and almost looks like it had done this before. Moreover, it seems that the omnivore is keen on playing music. So, perhaps there will be a piano-playing animal wandering house to house to impress homeowners.

This is certainly not the first time that an animal has gotten into a house and helped itself to things. Other home cameras have caught other animals wandering around houses doing interesting things.

There are also wildlife cameras that have seen wild things, just as this bear playing the piano is crazy. For instance, a group of hunters captured a mountain lion squaring off against an eight-point buck in the wintertime.

This past year, in October, there was footage of a black bear getting into a YMCA. In the surveillance video, it goes through a refrigerator late at night and grabs some food.

So, if you live in bear country, the lesson, as always, is to make sure that your houses are secure before you leave. The last thing that you want is to come home and have a confrontation with a wild animal.