Black Bear Does a Tight-Rope Circus Act to Access Feeder in Hilarious Front Porch Video

by Courtney Blackann

We’re not sure what’s more impressive: Simone Biles’ Yurchenko double pike or this black bear’s performance on an itty-bitty railing? (Okay, we actually do know you can’t compete with the Queen). However, while he won’t be rivaling Simone Biles anytime soon, a recent video shows a black bear performing some pretty decent gymnastics.

A man posted the moment the black bear wandered near his home, which was captured by his Ring device. The playful creature appears to be exploring something in a tree as it extends its front paws upwards. It then skillfully climbs onto the porch’s narrow railing. There, it continues exploring and playing.

Despite the bear’s size, it carefully maneuvers on the railing for a good 30 seconds. The official Ring company posted the moment online.

“Scott got a Ring Stick Up Cam to figure out who was damaging his wildlife feeders on the front deck. He had no idea he would be treated to a bear gymnastics spectacle,” the company captioned the video.

It’s unknown in what region of the country the incident took place, however, the video is quite amusing. Watch below.

Black Bears Invade Urban Areas

In recent weeks, several black bears have been wandering closer and closer to residential areas as they prepare to hibernate. The behavior is typical this time of year. Many bears consume close to 20,000 calories over the course of 24 hours in preparation of their long winter sleep.

As human/bear interactions become more frequent, officials are warning residents to be cautious about their food containment. Bears tend to look for easily acquired foods as they travel from their homes.

In some cases, bears have even gone looking inside residential homes, putting families at risk.

This was also the case in a recent Colorado area. A black bear wandered inside the home of a family after searching for food. The bear initially went into the family’s garage, most likely looking for something easy to snack on, before it entered the home. Once it was inside, the bear did not want to leave. Both the family and bear were trapped inside the home for nearly an hour.

That’s when the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Service was brought in. Though they attempted to safely remove the bear from the home, they were unable to do so. After 45 minutes of trying to lure the bear outside, the wildlife service made a tough call. Unfortunately, CPW had to euthanize the bear to save the family.

“The bear was put down for reasons of health and human safety,” CPW said in the Wednesday press release, according to 9News.

Officials have since warned families living in heavily populated black bear areas to be diligent in protecting their homes and food.