‘National Geographic Moment’: Black Bear Hunts and Eats Deer Carcass in Middle of Neighborhood Street

by Jon D. B.

“It was the day of the bears.” Watch with this family as they witness a black bear dragging a large deer carcass through their neighborhood.

“We were excited to finally see a bear in person,” says Christin DuBois of British Columbia. Her daughter loves bears, and has been hoping to see a wind one for quite sometime. Last Friday, her wish came true. But as Christin told her: “I think you got a little bit more than you bargained for.”

“Her brother saw a bunch this year. She was quite upset,” DuBois continues, sharing her family’s story with Canada’s Info News. Not as upset as the deer in their footage.

While Christin was taking the kids to school, they watched as a big ol’ black bear came barreling out of the woods and into the neighborhood. This was no mere passing-through, either. The bruin bolted straight for a deer – attacking it and killing it in front of the DuBois.

“We just thought the deer and bear were running together… Then boom, he has him on the ground,” Christin continues for the outlet.

As the mother describes, it was quite the “National Geographic moment.”

The initial attack was over in a flash, and isn’t on camera. But Christin made sure to film the bear dragging the carcass through yards and streets:

“A house was blocking it, so we didn’t see the full takedown, but when we turned the corner… The bear had deer on the ground, was biting it, and the deer was kicking its legs,” DuBois cites of the harrowing encounter.

Black Bear ‘Just Started Eating the Deer’ in Front of BC Family

“When we went by, the bear looked up and looked at us. It wasn’t really worried about us, just started eating the deer,” she continues. Ah, nature.

The predator must’ve been in the neighborhood for a while, too. Christin says she had time to run home and fetch her husband to witness the rest of the feeding from the “safety of a vehicle.”

“When I came back the same way, the deer was no longer moving, and the bear was eating it. So I ran home, got my husband, and then we drove up – and we were in the safety of a vehicle then, so we watched for about 10 minutes,” she cites of her footage, which exists in two parts:

After dropping the kids off at school and one hell of a morning, Christin contacted a BC conservation officer to report a black bear in the area. A smart move, to be sure, as black bears are opportunistic feeders – and attacks and encounters with/on humans are on the rise.

Caution is Paramount with All Wild Animals; Especially Predators

Thankfully, Christin reports that this particular black bear was “skittish” around humans. This is good, as it means the bear hasn’t been habituated to people and is far less of a threat as a result.

Regardless, DuBois would stick around to warn a woman walking her baby in a stroller to avoid the area.

Later that evening, her family would spot another black bear grazing in their yard.

“It was the day of the bears,” she says.

And what a day, indeed.