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Watch: Black Bear Takes Huge Leap off Family’s Deck Into a Tree

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: picture alliance / Contributor / Getty Images)

“Boo Boo” the black bear has some serious athletic ability. A North Carolina family captured incredible footage of a young black bear leaping from the back deck of their house into a tree.

At the beginning of the clip, the bear climbs up a post to the top of the deck, which appears rather high off the ground. After perching on the deck rail for several seconds, the bear then takes flight. In a giant leap, the bear launches itself to a tree standing what looks like several yards away from the house.

Melissa Howell of Maggie Valley recorded the video on Aug. 10. She says the bear never happened to notice her with the camera until after hopping on the tree. After noticing Howell, the bear then scurried down the tree and rushed away.

“When he did see me he casually turned and jumped as if he meant to do that all along,” Howell tells Storyful.

Howell’s husband shared the clip on Instagram with the caption, “I think Boo Boo just comes for the view. And a little exercise.”

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