Black Bear Mauls 81-Year-Old New Jersey Woman in Her Backyard

by Madison Miller

A woman in New Jersey was attacked by a fierce black bear in her own backyard. Apparently, the woman had put her garbage out earlier in the day because it was garbage pickup day.

Later that night, she went ahead and let her dogs out in the yard. In the dark of the night, she didn’t notice that two black bears were in her yard.

Woman Attacked by a Black Bear in Her Yard

The animals had torn open her garbage bags and were sitting on the street continuing to rummage through the trash. When the dogs were let out, one of the bears went back in the direction of the nearby woods. The other bear swatted at the woman’s little spaniel dog and knocked it to the ground.

According to NBC New York, the woman witnessed this all and started to run in the direction of the bear to save her dog. She screamed and yelled and then tried to snatch that dog back. When she got close enough to the dog and bear, she was brutally mauled.

The bear bit her and scratched her badly. It then picked up the dog and ran into the woods.

Police responded to the entire situation that night. They found this 81-year-old woman with severe head and leg injuries. She got stitches and antibiotics and is expected to be okay after the incident. The woman is, however, extremely distraught over her dog who was unfortunately killed that night.

As of now, wildlife officials have not found the bear that attacked the woman and her dogs yet. The investigation is ongoing.

Woman Attacked at Lake Tahoe Home

Laurel-Rose Von Hoffmann-Curzo decided to take refuge in her family’s vacation home over in Lake Tahoe. She is currently battling stage 4 lymphoma cancer and thought that a trip to this home would be a good place to hideaway.

According to USA Today, one early morning, she was woken up by crashing sounds coming from the kitchen. She went into the room, thinking it was probably her son. Instead, she came face-to-face with a bear that was rummaging through her freezer.

She quickly lost sight of the bear in the dark room, but the animal had already spotted her. “I just feel pain and tearing everywhere. It was horrifying. I had no idea whether I was going to get out of this or not,” she told the news outlet.

She eventually was able to turn a light on and the bear started to come back toward her. She threw a quilt at the creature, which startled it back down the stairs. Eventually, her husband and son helped scare the bear away. She was injured throughout her upper body and back and required surgery at the nearby hospital.