Black Bear Poses for Trail Cam in Virginia Park

by Kayla Zadel

From the looks of these photos, this black bear in Virginia seems to be living his best life.

According to Inside Nova, a black bear stopped in front of a wildlife camera at Prince William Forest Park. As a matter of fact, he’s been spotted on this exact same camera several times over the past few weeks. The Prince William Forest Park shares these snaps on its Facebook page.

Posted by Prince William Forest Park on Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Some might think this animal is long overdue on his hibernation nap, but black bears, mostly in Northern Virginia don’t settle down for their long winter’s nap. They do bulk up in the fall by eating as much as they can to build up body fat for warmth and energy. Then, when winter starts, they do sleep a lot to conserve energy and body heat. They do this by lowering their heart rate and metabolic rate.

However, if the weather is still nice for the first couple of months of winter, they will remain active, because they are light sleepers. It seems like this black bear would rather sit and think than take a nap.

Posted by Prince William Forest Park on Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The Prince William Forest Park in Virginia has been getting more snow and the temperatures are staying lower. As a result, they should be settling into their dens and “properly” hibernating until the end of March. But there still could be days that they decide to be more active, especially if the weather is warmer.

Until then, this black bear might just continue to take a load off on this makeshift wooden “lounge chair” and continue to pose for the trail camera. After all, the predator must be fond of the spot if the keeps returning to it.

Posted by Prince William Forest Park on Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Black Bears at Prince William Forest Park

Black bears are sometimes seen at the Virginia national park, according to the National Park Service. These animals are found only in North America and are the smallest of the three bear species living on the continent.

Additionally, black bears are less typically less aggressive than their cousin, the Grizzly. They are shy animals and usually avoid contact with humans. There are cases where black bears have attacked humans, but it is extremely rare.

The NPS also says that these predators are often nocturnal. However, they are often spotted during the day. These mammals might have poor eyesight, but their sense of smell and hearing is quite good.