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Black Friday 2020 Deals at Patagonia: Everything You Need to Know

by Madison Miller
Photo Credit: Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Despite COVID-19 in full swing this holiday season, Black Friday is still very much happening.

This year, however, instead of lining up outside of stores for the best deals, most deals will just be happening online.

Here’s a look at what popular outdoor company, Patagonia, has on sale for Black Friday this year.

Evo.com Sales

On Evo.com, there will be up to 50% off a range of different snow jackets and pants.

A traditional pair of insulated snow pants for women at Patagonia typically costs about $200. With the sale, the price will average around $140-$150.

For a set of a PowSlayer jacket and bib pants, it’s usually about $1,300. After the sale, it will be closer to $900.

For more upcoming sales at Evo, click here.

Backcountry.com Sales

On Backcountry.com, there will be up to 45% off a wide selection of clothing and gear.

This includes sales on their popular fleece jackets that usually average around $200. This also includes the popular Synchilla Snap-T Pullover, usually around $119.

Other products such as flannels (typically $100) or insulted gloves ($55) will be on sale as well.

Visit here to see some of the Patagonia products at Backcountry.com.

Sales on Amazon

Amazon, a popular destination for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, will be having different sales on Patagonia products.

This includes products like duffel bags and a selection of clothing. The live prices for duffel bags are about $150-$160. Other bags, like backpacks, usually costing in the $100s range will see sales this Friday as well.

Clothing such as a men’s down sweater vest is currently $200.

This will also include board shorts, now selling for between $35-$60.

To shop Patagonia on Amazon and look at some of the current products available, click here.

Black Friday at Patagonia in the Past

According to an official article from CEO of Patagonia, Rose Marcario, the company has announced in 2016 that they would give 100 percent of their Black Friday sales to grassroots nonprofits working on air, water, and soil conservation.

Due to this, the company raised $10 million in sales.

The company doesn’t tend to reduce the price of their products on their actual website. Instead, they urge shoppers to spend the day outside instead. This is similar to what REI does as well. They also urge people to not buy as many clothes, but instead to use them for their full duration. However, online sites that have Patagonia products will feature different sales.

The company also participates in 1% for the planet. This means 1% of its annual sales goes to nonprofit environmental groups.

So, if you’re looking to give back with your Black Friday shopping, take a look at some Patagonia products.