Boat Capsizes on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Good Samaritan and Coast Guard Rescue 3 on Board

by Amy Myers

There’s an unspoken rule between fishermen and boaters on the water. That is to lend a helping hand whenever someone else is in distress. In this case, a bystander boat, Rock Solid, helped with the rescue effort of the U.S. National Guard to get three people to safety after their vessel capsized. Yesterday, the good samaritan vessel ventured onto the Oregon Inlet of the Outer Banks in North Carolina where they saw the accident. Without a moment’s hesitation, they drove towards the sinking boat. Once beside the vessel, they started assisting one of the three mariners even before the Coast Guard arrived.

Soon after, the USCG arrived on the scene with the big guns: 47-foot Motor Life Boat and an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter. Likely, the Coast Guard prepared for any on-site medical emergencies that needed immediate attention and action. The rescue crews pulled the remaining two individuals onboard the Life Boat. Once they accounted for all the passengers, the two boats cruised back to the Oregon Inlet station. There, a medical team awaited their arrival. Luckily, the rescued mariners didn’t have any severe enough injuries to need aerial transportation. So far, the rescue team has reported a head injury on one of the capsized boaters.

It’s likely that the weather had an impact on the accident. Petty Officer 3rd class Taryn Michalicka was a boat engineer from the rescue boat crew. In her experience, preparation is the key to safety on the water.

“Knowing the forecasted weather before heading out on the water is vital to a mariner’s safety,” said Michalicka.

Good Samaritans Often Help in Critical Boat Rescue

Although there is no statement from the good samaritans that helped in the boat rescue, it’s likely that they would say they did what they hoped anyone else would do for them. That seems to be the consensus among avid boaters–sharing a bit of good karma so that a little can come back to them in their moment of need.

Back in June, a similar situation occurred off the coast of Atlantic City, New Jersey in which another bystander helped the U.S. Coast Guard rescue six people during tumultuous weather on the water. A helicopter aircrew managed to take in two people while the good samaritan helped the other four onto his or her boat. All passengers aboard the boat made it safely back to shore, thanks to the quick thinking of the do-gooder and the reliable rescue from the Coast Guard.

According to the Coast Guard’s helicopter pilot, Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Swanner, the six men aboard the boat made the right call requesting the rescue.

“Luckily they had life jackets, which aided in their recovery and again, proved to be critical in saving these men,” Swanner shared.