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Bobcat Frozen to Train Tracks Amid Winter Freeze Discovered in Rocky Mountain Foothills

by Chris Haney
(Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

A couple weeks ago, pictures and videos of a bobcat frozen to train tracks during a winter freeze in the Rocky Mountain Foothills went viral.

A local worker named Coby Reid was inspecting train tracks in the area when he came across the bobcat. At first, he didn’t even see the small, furry animal because it blended in with its surroundings. However, as Reid got closer, he realized it was a bobcat in the middle of the train tracks.

The young animal wasn’t in a panic as Reid and his co-worker approached the bobcat. In fact, the young bobcat seemed to be lounging on the rail of the train track.

“The cat was reposed on his haunches with one arm leaned casually over the rail. As though he were reclining in an armchair,” Reid said to The Dodo.

As Reid and his partner moved closer, they realized something was wrong even though the bobcat looked relaxed. The pair climbed out of their truck to inspect the situation further. It quickly became obvious that the bobcat was frozen to the side of the metal railing of the train tracks. To make the situation even worse, a train was traveling their way on the exact same track.

Bobcat Rescued Within Half Hour of Train Passing

Reid and his co-worker took action immediately to try to rescue the bobcat from the frozen tracks. They attempted to throw a jacket over the animal to warm it up. But the bobcat wouldn’t cooperate so they moved on to another plan.

“We took a moment to think about the situation before deciding to call our office to ask someone to bring us a pail of hot water to help free the unfortunate cat from the rail,” Reid explained. “A short while later, our boss arrived, water in hand and ready to assist.”

After pouring hot water on the bobcat, one of his legs came free from the railing. The water also riled the animal up a bit.

“With a bit of coaxing and more warm water, the cat was free,” Reid said. “But to our surprise, he did not want to leave without a fight.”

Reid, his partner, and their boss were finally able to free the young cat in time. It eventually scurried off to safety to the relief of the inspectors who saved the animal from a train coming their way.

“The bobcat ensured that we completed our inspections only 30 minutes shy of the next train’s passing,” Reid said. “The very train that would have ended our small friend’s life had we not been conducting an inspection that morning.”