Brothers Break Insane Highline Record Walking Extreme Distance at 1600ft Above Ground at Yosemite National Park

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Two brothers reached all new heights together. As it turns out, those were some record-breaking heights during their high-life-moment.

Yosemite National Park attracts all kinds of adventurers — from skiing to rock climbing to backpacking to biking, there’s no shortage of adrenaline-pumping activities.

Moises and Daniel Monterrubio seemed to have topped all those other Yosemite activities. They walked along 1,600 feet up in the air on June 10. They walked across a single 2,800-foot-long line that stretched from Taft Point and across many gulleys. The line stretched a grueling half-mile. One slip and the two brothers would end up upside down with the deep and rocky caverns looking up at them.

Although both slipped and dangled a few times, nothing worse than that happened. They told the San Francisco Chronicle, “It was pretty intense and dangerous but we made it happen.” Despite harnesses and protection, there’s an endless list of things that can go wrong — from intense cuts from the line to some crazy motion sickness from the swaying highline.

Moises eventually made it across without slipping in only 37 minutes.

Highlining is when adventurers walk heel to toe accross a very narrow strip of nylon webbing. It’s like a balance beam on crack. In the event of a slip, they would have to either shimmy to one side or lift themselves back into a balancing position.

It’s not meant for the unexperienced, or anyone a part of the klutzy population.

Luckily, their footing was solid and the brothers made it across the highline. Now, the two brothers are saying that they’ve actually broken the world record for the longest highline ever walked in both Yosemite and California.

The Process of Highlining

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the two brothers spent a week stringing up this highline earlier this month in preparation for the terrifying event. Apparently, this spot had been the void of their dreams for a long time. They moved to San Francisco and are, very fittingly, in the process of becoming rope access technicians.

The process of setting up the line may have been one of the most grueling parts. Since drones are illegal, the brothers had to rock climb and rappel down cliffs to properly and safely install the line. They even had 18 friends help them during the project.

Yosemite Valley is a particularly popular spot in the West for athletes and adventurers to take part in this rising sport.

The brothers may be more new to the sport, but they’ve already proved they’re prepared to dominate. The brothers have also walked lines in Sierra, as well as in Utah and in Mexico. There’s a lot more in store for the two brothers, as well. They explained their love for the sport and that they aren’t concerned with breaking records, just having a great time.