Brown Bear Chases Down Prey at Full Sprint in Shocking Moment Caught on Camera: VIDEO

by Jon D. B.

A rare sight: Watch as this brown bear goes full hunting mode on a shoreside deer, displaying incredible speed and power.

If you know bears, then you know they’re some of nature’s most efficient omnivores. As likely to eat berries and foliage as they are to dine on the meat of prey, both brown and black bears will eat just about anything. But if there’s one takeaway from this latest blip of nature caught on film, it’s never to underestimate the hunting skills of a bear.

If it runs, a brown bear will give it a go. And deer love to run. North American brown bears (which include grizzlies) prey on deer whenever they’re feeling up to it, yet it’s a rare sight to catch on film. Canadian George Slim, however, managed to just that:

Shared to the popular Nature Is Metal Instagram page, Slim’s footage captures the exact moment a brown bear decides to bust full-speed after a fleeing coastal deer.

“There’s a brown bear!” Slim narrates as he films. We’d sure have loved some zoom usage from you, Slim, but hey, we’ll take what we can get when it comes to bears.

So will Slim. As the deer panics, its jets into the water. “Oh my god, no way!” Slim shouts after a few choice expletives. At this point, the brown bear is charging full speed into the water.

“Oh my god! Dude!” Slim screams alongside some pals as the bear takes the deer in his maw. It may be far away, but it’s still an excellent example of just how fast these bears are. Hint: they can catch up to you on horseback if they need to.

Canadian Footage Shows Brown Bear in Full Hunter Mode

“Brown bears are the complete opposite of your classic fussy eater. Any organism, whether it has a heartbeat or a vast root system, is fair game to the brown bear,” Nature is Metal captions of the incident.

And they’re right. “Being the quintessential omnivore has its advantages, one that stands out is their ability to extract nutrients from both flesh and plant matter. This increases the brown bear’s chances finding suitable food wherever they are because they aren’t necessarily dependent on the local fauna for sustenance,” the page continues.

(Ferraro/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

“Yes, they can and will actively hunt, kill and consume the flesh of a wide range of animals, but they can also live off the land in other, less exciting ways,” NIM concludes.

That about sums it up. American media has a complicated relationship with bears, either showing them as voracious monsters or chubby and lackadaisical. But if we can impart one piece of wisdom to fellow Outsiders, it’d be: Never underestimate a bear.