Brown Bear Cub Seen Attacking Trail Cam, ‘Driving His Mom Nuts’ in Hilarious Clip

by Jonathan Howard

Kids. They are a handful, no matter what kind of animal you are. This bear cub proves that adolescent mammals can’t help but cause trouble. The outdoors of northern Minnesota are a great place for brown bears to roam and enjoy themselves. However, sometimes that privacy is ruined by trail cams. This cub didn’t take too kindly to the technology in his home.

So, bears are smart. A lot smarter than we typically give them credit for. They can solve puzzles, open doors, and a whole lot more. This little cub was a bit more aggressive than say, Paddington Bear.

Check out the post below from Voyageurs Wolf Project and see the video for yourself. This bear cub goes from bugging mama bear to taking his anger out on the first thing he could find. And that happened to be this trail cam.

It isn’t often that you see some funny outdoor hijinks like this. However, we sure are happy that this was caught on video for all of us to see. The Voyageurs Wolf Project monitors wild wolves up in Minnesota, in what is known as the Greater Voyageurs Ecosystem. And, occasionally their trail cams pick something up like this.

While it is all in good fun, someone has to go repair that trail cam. That bear cub is a menace, though. Just a walking ball of fur and hormones ready to take it out on whoever and whatever comes his way.

Just like human babies, it seems that these bear cubs are either eating, sleeping, or raising a whole bunch of hell. There is no in-between. From bugging mom to thrashing a camera in just a matter of seconds.

Wildlife Shenanigans Gets One Bear Cub Stuck

Again, bear cubs might as well just be human toddlers. These stories aren’t connected, but it is worth pointing out how clumsy and silly these young ursine mammals really are. Just cute little murder machines when you think about it. And, not all are as smart as Yogi Bear. Don’t forget, there’s a whole lot of average out there in the world, and that applies to this little guy, too.

Basically, looking for food, a bear cub stuck their little head into a plastic container. From there, the cub was freaked out and climbed up a tree That did not help of course and led to even more issues. However, the Connecticut Fish and Wildlife folks acted quickly and with purpose.

After getting the bear free from the tree, the crew started to get to work on the container. It wasn’t too hard to get it off and get the bear cub back to mama. However, with how hot it was just last week, the officials worked quickly in order to save the animal any undue harm. Thankfully, no injuries were reported and the cub went on back to its mom nearby. A happy ending for this little bear.