Bull Elk Trips Over Fence, Dies From Broken Neck in Gruesome Video

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

For animal lovers, this recent video of an elk’s attempted parkour gone wrong is certainly not for you.

The gruesome video shows an elk running to a fence as part of a large herd. They are all passing over a remote roadway. It’s unclear what had the woodland animal running so drastically. It could be another predator, could be that it heard some kind of human noise, or it was just an elk running free like elk do.

The elk is also with some cows and calves, all of which effortlessly sail over that barbed wire. The bull elk, an absolutely massive animal compared to the rest, approaches the fence. Sadly, the bull elk ends up tripping over the top wire and his brow tines end up sticking into the ground at an awkward angle. The pressure of the fall ends up snapping his neck.

It is quite the sad death for the elk as you can watch the animal struggling for a few moments on the ground. Overhead you can see as ravens begin circling the elk right at the moment of its death.

Rest assured, however, that Michigan looks to have a very healthy elk herd this year. According to Michigan Live, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources performed an aerial survey to count elk within a 1,080 square mile radius. The estimate is around 870 and 1,684 elk.

This is a population increase of 5% since 2019.

“The latest estimates suggest that the elk herd remains healthy. We will continue to sustainably manage the herd and habitat across the elk range,” Chad Stewart, a specialist with the DNR, told the news outlet.

A Deer Gets an Assist Off a Fence

Meanwhile, a deer ended up getting stuck on a fence in a neighborhood in Texas. Marco Rangel happened to see a neighbor post about the deer that had managed to get stuck on the top of someone’s fence.

He set out, folding chair in hand, to try to help this deer get set free.

The deer was in a very unfortunate situation. Half of its body was hanging in one yard, while its backside was in another. The man was able to use the folding chair to allow the deer to get the right footing to launch itself over the fence.

It worked out favorably, too. Although, the deer did have quite the awkward landing on its side before quickly sprinting out of the frame.

The deer was lucky to have the man swoop in to save the day. Otherwise, there is no telling how long it would have been stuck in that position. Also, using the chair was a pretty inventive way to help out without touching the deer at all.