Caldor Fire: Shocking Photos Show Big Chunks of Ash Raining Down on Lake Tahoe as Wildfire Nears

by Jon D. B.

‘There is fire activity happening in California that we have never seen before.” Terrible images show Caldor Fire moving into South Lake Tahoe, with chunks of ash consuming the community.

“The critical thing for the public to know is evacuate early,” says California Fire director Chief Thom Porter. “For the rest of you in California: Every acre can and will burn someday in this state.”

It’s an ominous message, but one that must be heard. Historic wildfires continue to ravage the world, with Western America receiving a horrible reckoning. California, in particular, is suffering immensely amidst the largest fire in the state’s history – and countless others like the Caldor Fire.

The smoke and soot has become so dense that large chunks of ash are currently raining down into South Lake Tahoe. The CA city’s 22,000 inhabitants are currently evacuating Tuesday, and have no choice. Caldor is closing in fast.

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA – AUGUST 29: Ash from the Caldor fire blankets vehicles on Sunday, Aug. 29, 2021 in South Lake Tahoe, CA. The air quality in the Tahoe Basin is the worst in the country as firefighters continue to tackle the Caldor fire as it creeps closer to South Lake Tahoe. (Jason Armond / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

As Chief Porter puts it: ‘There is fire activity happening in California that we have never seen before.”

‘Larger and More Destructive’ Caldor Fire Closes In on South Lake Tahoe

California Fire Chief Chris Anthony adds that such destructive wildfires are now, tragically, the norm.

“As many of you are aware, we are seeing larger and more destructive fires burn throughout California on a much more frequent basis,” The Daily Mail cites of Chief Anthony. “Historically, we’ve used the terms such as anomaly, unprecedented, or extreme to describe the wildfires that we have seen burn throughout the state over the last 20 years. These terms are no longer appropriate given the clear trends… With drought, changing climate.”

The destructive Caldor Fire began burning through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Now, it is on the edge of the popular tourist destination. Chunks of ash now reign on the majority of South Lake Tahoe, with some the size of a quarter. Structures are also burning, and Chief Anthony says climate change contributes to their inability to control Caldor. Or quell the fire.

“Unfortunately, these factors contribute to the resistance to control that we’re seeing with the Caldor Fire,” he continues. “Many people, including myself, consider the Tahoe Basin a unique treasure and a natural wonder of the world… Whether you live here full time, own a second home here, visit the basin during family vacations, or simply recreate here…”

Nearly All California National Forests to Close Until Sept. 17

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CALIFORNIA – AUGUST 30: The Caldor Fire burns homes along a ridge on August 30, 2021 near South Lake Tahoe, California. The fire continues to advance towards South Lake Tahoe and a red flag warning has been issued as high winds begin to kick up. The fire has burned more than 175,000 acres, destroyed hundreds of homes and is currently 14 percent contained. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

As of Tuesday, the U.S. Forest Service says that nearly all national forests in California will close through September 17 for public safety.

Please stay safe, California Outsiders.