California Bear Cubs Get Comfortable in Car, Proceed to Rip Out Inside of Vehicle

by Matthew Memrick
(Ingo Gerlach/Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

A couple of rambunctious California bear cubs got comfortable in a woman’s car and recently ripped out the vehicle’s insides.

Sierra Madre resident Jenny Kay talked to NBC 4 about the incident on Friday, saying her dog alerted her to the animal vandalism of her sedan outside the Madre Lane home.

There’s no word on her insurance coverage, but maybe she’ll get a new car interior out of the deal. The cubs really did a number on it.

Bear Cubs Play And Destroy Car

Her two other little dogs started to bark while the cubs played in her sedan. Bear occurrences frequently happen in the community between Los Angels and the San Gabriel Mountains. Curious bears also usually hit Altadena, La Verne, and Monrovia.

A mother and two cubs hit another family’s house in the area on Nov. 19.

“Everyone was up,” Kay said. “And I was texting my friends like something weird was going on.”

But the woman said she “certainly didn’t think it was (bears).”

“It didn’t make sense to me because the door was shut,” Kay told ABC 7. “I thought it was a person, so I was really nervous. I live alone.”

By the time Kay checked everything out, gone were the bear cubs. A driver’s side seat appeared ripped on the side, among other damages.

She didn’t know how the bears broke in, stating that the doors were locked and the sunroof was closed. Inside damage may have indicated the bear cubs tried to claw their way out once they got stuck.

A neighbor’s cellphone video caught mama bear arriving on the scene as a police car rolled up.

Just south of the Angeles National Forest, Sierra Madre is a 40-minute drive from Los Angeles. 

Kay said she was glad both her dogs and the cubs were ok. She went on to say the Sierra Madre police department and her neighbors were “lovely,” but the car incident was “really crappy” and “ridiculous.” Kay added she didn’t know anyone who had a bear in their car, calling the car destruction “nuts.”

The woman owns Mary’s Market in town. She added that she wished the cubs went to her store instead of her car.

“It’s crazy. They could have come [to the store] and gotten a lot more food and a lot more things,” Kay told ABC 7. “Like, come to Mary’s Market for good food and coffee, don’t come to my car.”

Bears Go After Local Resident’s Chicken Bucket

Resident John Holden received the shock of his life when he got home for lunch and saw bears eating in his house in early November.

“I came home, and my front door was open, and I could just hear the chaos, like my house was being ransacked,” Holden told KTLA.

The man scared the bears out while protecting his dog and parakeets.

However, the bruins “lingered around afterward” in Holden’s yard, and several bears returned days later.