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California Border Agents Discover More Than 50 Living Reptiles in Man’s Clothes

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Lino Mirgeler/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Supply chain shortages continue to make international headlines. However, a man carrying no shortage of living reptiles faced arrest by California border agents according to a statement Tuesday.

According to the AP, the man had arrived at the San Ysidro border on February 25th. There, U.S Customs and Border Protection pulled the smuggler’s truck aside for additional inspection. In doing so, border agents discovered 52 lizards and snakes, all of which were kept hidden in his clothing.

As per a statement, the small reptiles were contained in separate little mesh-drawstring pouches. These remained “concealed in the man’s jacket, pants pockets, and groin area.”

After California border agents discovered the reptiles, the outlet reports nine snakes and 43 horned lizards had been on the man’s person. Some, authorities reported, come from the endangered list.

“Smugglers will try every possible way to try and get their product, or in this case live reptiles, across the border,” stated Sidney Aki. According to the AP, Aki is the director of field operations for Customs and Border Protection in San Diego.

Aki reported the individual, a 30-year-old U.S. citizen, faced arrest for the smuggling attempt. The man drew criticism from authorities as the director said he withheld proper “care for the health and safety of the animals.”

100+ Snakes Recovered from Dead Man’s Home

As someone who prefers creatures of the soft and fuzzy kind, I can’t understand how some people have such a fondness for slithering, scaly beasts.

That said, people have different preferences and it appears one Maryland resident had a love for all things snakes.

Earlier this year, MD authorities responded to a call regarding a deceased individual. After arriving at his home, they discovered a collection of 124 venomous and nonvenomous snakes.

Reports of the incident state a neighbor had entered the man’s home to find him unconscious on the floor. They also found the man surrounded by containers that held a collection of the exotic, slithering creatures. Outlets reported some of the man’s companions were actually illegal. Several species within his collection included cobras, black mambas, pythons, and rattlesnakes.

Despite what might appear as close quarters for the MD individual, authorities reported that all of the snakes’ enclosures actually closely mimicked their natural environments. They also had a supply of ample food and water.

Of the strange call, Jennifer Harris, a Charles County spokeswoman, said, “Our chief animal control officer said in his more than 30 years of experience, he had not encountered this kind of thing before.”

Given the oddity of the situation, neighbors’ reports of the man painted him in an incredibly positive light.

Doria Fleisher, a resident of Charles County and a community engagement coordinator, spoke on behalf of her neighbors. She shared their positive feedback.

“I was asked by neighbors to share that the resident was a great guy, really kept an eye on each other.”

She added, “Nobody had any idea that this was going to be an issue. They were not aware that there were snakes in the house.”